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Quickdraw: Gang Of Youths, Dinosaur Jr., Iceage, Hinds, Bodega

March 6, 2018



Gang Of Youths – Straight To You (Nick Cave Cover)

Gang Of Youths are right at the top of my “must see at SXSW” list.  Looks like I should have a few shots.

3.14.18 – Secret Sounds @ Sidewinder / 5:30PM
3.15.18 – Vinyl Me, Please Showcase @ Empire Garage / 12:00PM
3.15.18 – Aussie BBQ @ Australia House – Lucille’s / 5:40PM
3.16.18 – Noise Trade @ The Blackheart / 1:00PM
3.16.18 – SX San Jose @ Hotel San Jose / 7:00PM
3.17.18 – Brooklyn Vegan @ Cheer Up Charlies / TBD

By the way, they did this Nick Caver cover for an Amazon playlist.  It’s a song that fits them well.

Dinosaur Jr. – Hold Unknown

How are Dinosaur Jr. still so damn good?  It boggles my mind.  In any case, this rad new tune is part of the Adult Swim Singles Program.

Iceage – Pain Killer (Featuring Sky Ferreira)

Iceage have finally announced a new album – it’s called Beyondless, and it’ll be out on May 4.  My guess is that it ends up being one of my favorites this year.  See the band at Barracuda on May 27.

Hinds – The Club

Like Gang Of Youths, Hinds are on my “must see at SXSW” list.  Here’s another very catchy tune off of their anticipated sophomore album, I Don’t Run, which is due out April 6.

Bodega – How Did This Happen?

Over the last few days I’ve revisited this new single from Bodega a lot.  It’s heavy handed lyrically, but the song itself is so hooky that I don’t really care.  I may have to catch them at SXSW.

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Quickdraw: Hot Snakes, Hinds, Preoccupations, Ought, Mount Eerie

January 25, 2018

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Playing a bit of catch up today.  Enjoy.

Hot Snakes – Six Wave Hold Down

Hey look, Hot Snakes have announced their first album in 14 years!  It’s called Jericho Sirens and it’ll be out on March 16.  Judging by the track I have today, it would appear they’ve still got it.

Hinds – New For You

I think that Hinds are really going to turn some heads with their sophomore effort, I Don’t Run (due April 6).  Expect to love this effortlessly charming track off of the album.

Preoccupations – Espionage

There’s something bothersome about Preoccupations calling their next album New Material.  I guess it just comes off as lazy?  Either way, I’m still excited for it.  The first single is noisy in the right ways.

Ought – Disgraced In America

I appreciate how Ought can sound very weird and yet still be rather accessible at the same time.  Room Inside The World is due out February 16.

Mount Eerie – Distortion

Mount Eerie’s A Crow Looked At Me knocked me over last year.  I’m guessing his next effort, Now Me, will do the same.  It’s due March 16.  Before you hit play on the song, dim the lights, grab your headphones and take a deep breath.

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