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Quickdraw: The Mantles, Protomartyr, Pujol, Pity Sex, Expert Alterations

September 29, 2015


Music!  Enjoy.

:The Mantles – Hate To See You Go:  The Mantles have a way of drawing me in and holding tight.  Hard to tell whether it’s more their familiar-feeling music or the stellar songwriting.  All Odds End is due out October 16 via Slumberland.

:Protomartyr – I Forgive You:  This is one rambly, Parquet Courts-esque track, and it’s great.  I can’t wait to spend a lot of time with Protomartyr’s upcoming album.  The Agent Intellect is due out October 9 via Hardly Art.

:Pujol – Sleepy Doni:  I had this new Pujol single stuck in my head before I even got done listening to it for the first time.  It’s a slice more playful than his usual stuff.  The Kisses EP is due out November 27 via Bartertown CO-OP.

:Pity Sex – What Might Soothe You?:  Judging only by this track, Pity Sex seem to be aiming for a bigger, better and crisper sound on their upcoming LP.  That’s exciting.  White Hot Moon will be out in 2016 via Run For Cover Records.

:Expert Alterations – You Can’t Always Be Liked:  First of all, I love the title of this track (it’s also what the album is called).  Secondly, Expert Alterations are one of the best new bands to come out of 2015.  I’m fully expecting their debut LP to be stellar.  You Can’t Always Be Liked is due out October 30 via Kanine.

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Quickdraw: Radioactivity, Underground Railroad To Candyland, Expert Alterations, Damaged Bug, Mr. Gnome

April 20, 2015


Music!  Enjoy.

:Radioactivity – Silent:  I very recently saw Radioactivity play (they opened for Ex Hex) and during their set I was wondering when they might put out a sophomore effort.  Now I know.  This first track is a good one.  Silent Kill is due out June 30 via Dirtnap Records.

:Underground Railroad To Candyland – Th Ppl R Hm:  The name Underground Railroad To Candyland kind of weirds me out, but that’s not keeping me from liking this jangly, lo-fi pop gem.  The People Are Home is due out May 26 via Recess Records.

:Expert Alterations – A Bell:  Slumberland Records have gone and snatched up Expert Alterations and will be re-releasing the cassette that the band put out themselves last year.  I really like the deadpan vocal style here.  The self titled EP is due out June 1 .

:Damaged Bug – Jet In Jungle:  Because John Dwyer is John Dwyer, he’s already put together full length follow-ups for the albums that Thee Oh Sees and Damaged Bug released last year.  The guy is a machine.  Also, this track is oddly infectious.  Cold Hot Plumbs is due out June 1 via Castle Face.

:Mr. Gnome – Sleepwalker:  Mr. Gnome have long been a band with a fairly moody sound, but this is poppy and rather whimsical.  I can’t seem to stop humming it, so I’m going to call the move a good one for them.  The Monster’s Heart 7″ is due out May 12 via El Marko Records.  See them at Stubb’s on May 6.

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