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Elite Gymnastics

August 28, 2012


The Adult Swim Singles Program has delivered some great stuff this year, and I’m a little sad it’s about to come to an end.  Anybody out there know someone that helps put it together?  I’d love some insight on the work that goes on during their off-season.  Anyhow, the next to last track on the 2012 schedule is from Elite Gymnastics, and it’s waiting for your ears.  Enjoy.

:Elite Gymnastics – Andreja 4-Ever:  EG are not an act that I’ve ever really dug, but I think this is a fantastic song that’s light, fresh, and easy on the ears.  If you plan on spending your day staring out of a window with one track on repeat, I recommend going with this particularly spectacular electro-pop gem. GK8Z78RQMJTV

Bonus Video:

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