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Donovan Quinn (Noah)

October 17, 2012


Donovan Quinn, one half of the sorely missed Bay Area group Skygreen Leopards, has been steadily forming a very strong, and very different solo career over the last few years. I find myself, time and time again, searching for artists who do more, who lay down more layers, more sounds, more progress in to some new thing, but Donovan Quinn, Donovan Quinn just pares it on back to zero. Quinn uses a simple palate – a guitar, his voice, perhaps the gentle hint of a reverb pedal – with lyrics that range from the silly to the sweet to the sad all paired with a sort of a hang-dog smile that I imagine would do well on the peeling wood of a southern porch. As with any good artist though, Quinn’s genius exists in his ability to make it all just look so easy. Be it the buck-toothed grin of the almost country feeling tunes that populate Honky-Tonk Medusa or recent collaborative work with Michael Tapiscott, there is no question that Quinn, regardless of whom he might be playing with, crafts gorgeous music.

:Donovan Quinn And Michael James Tapscott – OTW Marlene:

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