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Quickdraw: Wussy, Best Friends, DIIV, Blue Healer, Polica

January 26, 2016


Music!  Enjoy.

:Wussy – Dropping Houses:  In a recent interview with Spin, Wussy’s Lisa Walker referred to this track in part as a “singable wall of noise.”  I second that.  Forever Sounds is due out March 4 via Shake It.

:Best Friends – Wash Me Out:  I wasn’t familiar with Best Friends (phrasing?) until this fuzzy, lo-fi indie rock track arrived in my inbox last week, but now I’m all about them.  The band just released an album, Hot. Reckless. Totally Insane., via FatCat.  This particular song isn’t actually on the LP, but I’m still anxious to dive into it.

:DIIV – Is The Is Are:  The more I hear off of DIIV’s upcoming album, the more I get excited about it.  This track has a driving arrangement that I really like.  Is The Is Are is due out February 5 via Captured Tracks.

:Blue Healer – Luminescent Eyes:  Here’s a slick new pop tune from Blue Healer, an Austin-based act that I’ve grown fond of over the last six months or so.  Expect it to get lodged in your head.  The band will release their debut album later this year.

:Polica – Wedding:  I’ve never really thought of Polica as dark or edgy, but that’s pretty much their approach here both sound-wise and lyrically (the song is about the “symbiotic relationship between the militarization of police in America and the drug trade”).  It works for them.  United Crushers is due out March 4 via Mom + Pop.

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Quickdraw: Autolux, DIIV, EMA, Michael Nau, Leon Bridges

November 23, 2015


Music!  Enjoy.

:Autolux – Soft Scene:  Admittedly, I didn’t like this song all that much the first time I listened to it.  I prefer my Autolux to be in full shoegaze form, and this Boots-produced tune is more trip hop than anything else.  It’s grown on me a lot though.  The band will put out a new album next year via 30th Century Records.

:DIIV – Mire (Grant’s Song):  I’ve been on the fence in regards to DIIV’s other singles off of their upcoming LP, but this latest one got me.  It’s moody and noisy in all of the right ways.  Is The Is Are is due out February 5 via Captured Tracks.

:EMA – Amnesia Haze:  EMA recently did the score for a film called #Horror, and this is one of the tracks off of it.  I really dig how atmospheric it is.  The #Horror soundtrack is due out December 11.

:Michael Nau – Winter Beat:  Michael Nau was a favorite of mine back in his Page France/Cotton Jones days, and then he just sort of disappeared.  Good to have him back.  His solo debut, Mowing, is due out February 19 via Suicide Squeeze.

:Leon Bridges – So Long:  Here’s a new one that Leon Bridges did for upcoming Will Smith-movie Concussion.  It’s a very pretty-sounding slow burner.  So Long is available now on iTunes.

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