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Quickdraw: Radioactivity, Underground Railroad To Candyland, Expert Alterations, Damaged Bug, Mr. Gnome

April 20, 2015


Music!  Enjoy.

:Radioactivity – Silent:  I very recently saw Radioactivity play (they opened for Ex Hex) and during their set I was wondering when they might put out a sophomore effort.  Now I know.  This first track is a good one.  Silent Kill is due out June 30 via Dirtnap Records.

:Underground Railroad To Candyland – Th Ppl R Hm:  The name Underground Railroad To Candyland kind of weirds me out, but that’s not keeping me from liking this jangly, lo-fi pop gem.  The People Are Home is due out May 26 via Recess Records.

:Expert Alterations – A Bell:  Slumberland Records have gone and snatched up Expert Alterations and will be re-releasing the cassette that the band put out themselves last year.  I really like the deadpan vocal style here.  The self titled EP is due out June 1 .

:Damaged Bug – Jet In Jungle:  Because John Dwyer is John Dwyer, he’s already put together full length follow-ups for the albums that Thee Oh Sees and Damaged Bug released last year.  The guy is a machine.  Also, this track is oddly infectious.  Cold Hot Plumbs is due out June 1 via Castle Face.

:Mr. Gnome – Sleepwalker:  Mr. Gnome have long been a band with a fairly moody sound, but this is poppy and rather whimsical.  I can’t seem to stop humming it, so I’m going to call the move a good one for them.  The Monster’s Heart 7″ is due out May 12 via El Marko Records.  See them at Stubb’s on May 6.

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Quickdraw: Thee Oh Sees, Woods, Mirah, Pure X, Damaged Bug

February 18, 2014


Music!  Enjoy.

:Thee Oh Sees – Penetrating Eye:  Only Thee Oh Sees can announce a hiatus but then still put together a new album.  Those dudes just don’t know how to stop working.  Not that I mind, of course.  The band will release Drop on April 19 via Castle Face.

:Woods – Moving To The Left:  This has quickly become my favorite Woods’ track.  It’s total psych pop brilliance, and I really hope the new album has more of the same.  With Light And With Love is due out April 15 via Woodsist.  See the band at this year’s Austin Psych Fest.

:Mirah – Oxen Hope:  If you’re into break-up records, then Mirah’s new one is going to be just for you.  She apparently spent the last four years working on it.  Grab Changing Light when it gets released on May 13 through Absolute Magnitude Recordings.

:Pure X – Starlight:  Considering they’re based in Austin, I don’t know really know a lot about Pure X.  I should change that.  Anyhow, this single is beautifully crafted.  The band will put out Angel on April 1 through Fat Possum.  See them at the Austin Psych Fest in May.

:Damaged Bug – Photograph:  Just in case you don’t know, Thee Oh Sees’ John Dwyer is the man behind Damaged Bug.  I get the feeling that his upcoming LP is going to be a weird (but good) one.  Hubba Bubba is due out February 25 via Castle Face.

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Damaged Bug (Noah)

January 15, 2014


Well, after I’d exhausted my tear glands, tore down my curtains, and crawled in to a dirty-underweared fetal position in response to the news that perennial favorites Thee Oh Sees were going on “hiatus” for an undetermined period of time, it was pretty nice to find out that lead singer John Dwyer had already recorded an entire album of new material under the moniker Damaged Bug.

Supposedly recorded in a studio with a selection of self-built electronic devices, synthesizers and drum machines – Thee Oh Sees this is not. That said, Damaged Bug still has the kraut-rock heart of Thee Oh Sees, that repetitive line of bass and riff that propels the song forward at some maddeningly steady pace, but this isn’t garage rock or any derivative of such. Here, Dwyer’s voice is a grumbling sneer, the oft-times high pitched wail of his former band, reduced to the lowest ends of the register. Though Dwyer’s vocals ride on an almost interplanetary blanket of sonic revelation, his surprisingly earnest voice work brings the spaceship back down to Mother Earth.

Yes, I will continue to mourn, long and deeply, the absence of Thee Oh Sees in my life, but if John Dwyer continues to put out solo work as good as this, I might just put some pants on.

:Damaged Bug – Eggs At Night:

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