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Clipd Beaks (Noah)

October 23, 2013


We’re at a weird place for psychedelia. Bands like Tame Impala have made it as accessible as any time prior to its heyday, while on the other side of the glowing, swirling pink canyon, you have bands like Clipd Beaks. If I was going to throw my hat in a ring, I’d say Clipd Beaks represent the possibility, the potential even, of psychedelia – music that pushes against the boundaries of sound while still maintaining a structure, albeit a loose one. Clipd Beaks don’t fuck around though, All Ways Closer, the first track off their upcoming cassette release Lost Offerings, is a slow, plod through a swirling haze of burnt ozone and falling ash, this isn’t your upbeat, good-trip LSD velvet painting, no this is the industrial psychedelia of the future. Music spawned from the concrete confines of the last few remaining buildings, the tentative grasp on life and reality only held there by the need and want to make tunes. This is scorched earth with a melody.

:Clipd Beaks – All Ways Closer:

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