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Top 50 Songs Of 2017

December 5, 2017


Well look at that, here are my Top 50 Songs of 2017.  Enjoy.

50) Jamiroquai – Automaton

Jamiroquai still got it, man.

49) Matthew Logan Vasquez

I jammed this Matthew Logan Vasquez (of Delta Spirit fame) track on my radio show, 101X Homegrown, a lot this year. It’s fierce.

48) Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings – Matter Of Time

I miss Sharon Jones.

47) Sheer Mag – Just Can’t Get Enough

Pure retro goodness here by Sheer Mag.

46) Weaves – Walkaway

Weaves churned out a really nice low key anthem here.

45) Filthy Friends – Any Kind Of Crowd

Corin Tucker sounds adorable in this Filthy Friends song.

44) Julien Baker – Appointments

Sad! Classic Julien Baker.

43) Wiretree – Let Me In

I love this sweet little number by Austin’s own Wiretree.

42) Hazel English – Fix

What a wonderfully hazy pop tune by Hazel English.

41) Mogwai – Eternal Panther

Somehow the best song that Mogwai put out this year isn’t on the album they released.

40) Alyeska – Stones

This 90s indie rock throwback from Alyeska is fantastic.

39) Land Of Talk – Loving

It’s so good to have Elizabeth Powell back in action as Land Of Talk.

38) The Kills – Desperado (Rhianna Cover)

The Kills really make this Rhianna track their own.

37) Why? – Proactive Evolution

I’ll never tire of Why?. This is one of my favorite songs by them.

36) The Octopus Project – Small Hundred

This song by The Octopus Project always makes me want to get up and move.

35) Fujiya & Miyagi – Solitaire

Another year, another infectious jam by Fujiya & Miyagi.

34) Carly Rae Jepsen – Cut To The Feeling

Can’t stop Carly.

33) The Courtneys – Silver Velvet

This is the catchiest song on The Courtneys’ album of really catchy songs.

32) Growl – New Sincerity.

Here’s some jangly pop perfection by Austin’s Growl.

31) Kane Strang – Oh So You’re Off I See

I revisited this slightly weird Kane Strang track a lot in 2017.

30) Beth Ditto – Oo La La

Beth Ditto really goes for it here.

29) Sports – Making It Right

This is a charming pop tune from Sports.

28) Wolf Parade – You’re Dreaming

Wolf Parade with a legit ear-pleaser.

27) Ought – These 3 Things

Ought went new wave here. Good move!

26) Waxahatchee – Never Been Wrong

Indie rock perfection by Waxahatchee.

25) The Rural Alberta Advantage – Toughen Up

The Rural Alberta Advantage made a big time jump back onto my radar with this song.

24) Screaming Females – Black Moon

I can’t wait for the new Screaming Females album. This first single is so damn good.

23) Protomartyr – Don’t Go to Anacita

Intense but great. Protomartyr are the best.

22) Sweet Spirit – The Power

What a big track by Austin’s Sweet Spirit.

21) Perfume Genius – Slip Sway

This is one of Perfume Genius’ best songs.

20) Spook School – Less Than Perfect

Spook School are as catchy as can be here.

19) Rhye – Taste

This Rhye track has an immaculate sound.

18) Jay Som – Baybee

Hazy, dancey, perfect stuff here by Jay Som.

17) Walker Lukens – Don’t Want To Be Lonely (Don’t Want To Leave You Alone)

Here’s a total ear-worm from Austin’s Walker Lukens.

16) The Blow – Get Up

This song from The Blow is a rambly as can be, but I love it.

15) LCD Soundsystem – Call The Police

The best song on LCD Soundsystem’s comeback album.

14) Diet Cig – Barf Day

The line “I know that you’re sorry, I just don’t care” will forever make me smirk. Thanks for that, Diet Cig.

13) Molly Burch – Wrong For You

It’s just about impossible to not love this retro-leaning effort from Austin’s own Molly Burch.

12) Lo Tom – Overboard

David Bazan is so good in this Lo Tom tune. I love his voice.

11) Football, etc. – Save

This track from Austin’s Football, etc. has an early 2000s indie rock vibe that I really dig.

10) The War On Drugs – Holding On

Headphones + this track from The War On Drugs = my happy place.

09) The Coathangers – Captain’s Dead

The Coathangers are on a real roll right now. This song is a blast.

08) Spoon – Do I Have To Talk You Into It

I love how loose Spoon sound here.

07) White Reaper – Judy French

So infectious. White Reaper continue to be big favorites of mine.

06) Alex Lahey – Every Day’s The Weekend

My favorite song from 2017 to sing-a-long to. Alex Lahey sure knows how to write an anthem.

05) The National – The System Only Dreams In Total Darkness

Heavy but accessible. Great track by The National.

04) SZA – Supermodel

I spent a couple of months obsessed with this SZA song. It’s so dramatic.

03) Kendrick Lamar – Humble

It was impossible to escape this Kendrick Lamar song in 2017. I didn’t mind.

02) St. Vincent – Los Ageless

St. Vincent is rather aggressive here, and it’s awesome.

01) Alvvays – In Undertow

This was practically my default song this year. It’s perfect. Thanks, Alvvays!

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Carly Rae Jepsen

May 30, 2017

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This shortened holiday week is actually an even shorter one on the SOTO-front, as I’m about to head out of town.  Good news though, I have an anthemic new track from Carley Rae Jepsen (and a Wonder Woman review) to give to you before I split.  Hooray!

The CRJ track is from the soundtrack for an animated film called Leap, and it’s one of the supposed 250 songs that she wrote for the very good album E-MO-TION.  I’ve been humming it for days.  Enjoy.

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Show Of The Week

February 17, 2016


While I’m excited about White Denim’s underplay at Hotel Vegas tomorrow night, my “show eyes” are totally focused on Carly Rae Jepsen at ACL Live on Saturday.  Admittedly, for so very long I only thought of her as the Call Me Maybe girl, but then she put out the fantastic E-MO-TION (it made my top albums list last year) and it just smashed that designation all to pieces.  Now I want to see if she can increase my level of adoration by impressing in a live setting.  Join me on the adventure.

BONUS Show Recommendations:

- Robert Delong, Colours at the Parish
- MC Chris, Nathan Anderson at Empire Control Room

- White Denim, Pie Fi Pizza DJs at Hotel Vegas
- Sweet Talk, Midnight Reruns, Mitch Frazier & His Radiation, SXSW, Hyperreals, Izzy Cox at Beerland
- Protextor, Secret Levels, Ben Buck, Malik at Barracuda
- Robert Delong, Colours at the Parish

- Ty Segall & the Muggers, CFM at the Mohawk
- Eagle Claw, Party Wizard, Woodgrain, OMGWTFBBQ at Barracuda
- Beacon, Natasha Kmeto at the Parish
- Other Lovers, Trashy and the Kid, Boss Battle at The Swan Dive
- Harvest Thieves, Croy and the Boys, Little Mikey & the Soda Jerks at ABGB

- A Giant Dog, Magna Carta, Moving Panoramas, Purple, Sailor Poon, Lowin, Tinnarose, AMA, TITS, Madd Comrades, JEFF, Mama K and the Shades at Barracuda
- RJD2, Wrestlers, Boombaptist at Empire Garage
- Wilcat Apollo, Boxing Lesson, The Human Circuit, Toma at Empire Control Room
- Knifight, My Education, Violinda at ABGB

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Top 50 Songs Of 2015: Part 1

November 30, 2015


Hey!  It’s time to start counting down my Top 50 Songs of 2015.  As always, the entire list is made up of tracks that have steadily been in my rotation since I came across them.  Enjoy.

50)  :Carly Rae Jepsen – Let’s Get Lost:  I officially boarded CRJ’s bandwagon this year.  Her latest is LP is pretty damn fun, and I think this is the best song off of it.  You’re legit stone cold if you can listen to it and not want to dance.  From Emotion.

49)  :Icky Blossoms – In Folds:  I was all about this driving, synth-filled track from Icky Blossoms before I even finished listening to it for the first time.  It’s an all-around stellar sounding song that just dominates the room.  From Mask.

48)  :Death Cab For Cutie – The Ghosts Of Beverly Drive:  This is the first Death Cab For Cutie single in a very long time that’s stuck with me.  Probably because it moves well and the band actually sounds awake in it.  From Kintsugi.

47)  :Albert Hammond Jr. – Born Slippy:  It’s nice that the Strokes are still working together, but I’d be fine if they called it quits and guitarist Albert Hammond Jr. just went about churning out more solo albums.  As shown here, the guy really knows how to write an inviting pop tune.  From Momentary Masters.

46)  :The Suffers – Make Some Room:  Houston’s The Suffers really took off this year, and I’m so very happy for them.  As for this track, I think it’s one of 2015′s most endearing efforts.  From the Make Some Room EP.

45)  :Sweet Spirit – Babydoll:  I’ve been watching locals Sweet Spirit play this live for a long while, so I love that a recorded version finally came along.  It’s definitely one of those songs that I find stuck in my head seemingly all of the time.  From the band’s self titled EP.

44)  :Jeff The Brotherhood – Black Cherry Pie:  This song from Jeff The Brotherhood features a goddamn flute solo by Ian Anderson (of Jethro Tull fame) and has a chorus that mentions wanting to stab someone in the eye.  Those two things alone should warrant its placement on anyone’s year-end list.  From Wasted On The Dream.

43)  :Desaparecidos – City On The Hill:  The Conor Oberst that fronts Desaparecidos is my favorite Conor Oberst.  I think his emo-y voice is best used in tracks like one, which is an anthemic scorcher.  From Payola.

42)  :Dan Friel – Rattler:  Dan Friel is a master at twiddling knobs (not a euphemism).  I frequently put this inspired tune on whenever I need to rally up for something.  From Life.

41)  :jj – Truce:  The immense amount of attitude that’s all throughout this jj song has entertained me for much of 2015.  The whole thing is just ridiculous (and fun).  From Truce.

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Quickdraw: LADY, Cloud Control, Minks, Soft Swells, Carly Rae Jepsen

July 29, 2013


Today’s music once had a weird night in Tijuana.  Enjoy.

:LADY – Tell The Truth:  To be honest, I wasn’t too impressed with this song the first time I heard it.  After a couple of listens, though, I think I see what LADY is going for, and I approve.  Quality soul music here, friends.  Grab their self titled debut now on Truth And Soul Records.

:Cloud Control – Scar:  This soaring pop tune is just dramatic enough for me to easily picture it playing over a montage of pretty people contemplating the complicated relationships that make up their lives.  So there’s that.  Cloud Control will release Dream Cave on September 17 via Votiv.

:Minks – Margot:  I really like this song.  It has such a wonderfully layered sound, and I appreciate that it favorably reminds me of Crystal SkullsMinks will put out their sophomore effort, Tides End, on August 6 via Captured Tracks.

:Soft Swells – Lifeboats:  Despite the fact that Soft Swells are on an Austin-based label that I have a lot of respect for, I’ve never been much of a fan.  With that being said, this song comes off as too inspired for me to not dig it.  The Lifeboats EP is out tomorrow via Modern Outsider.

:Carly Rae Jepsen – Call Me Maybe (Saint Pepsi Edit):  I found this piece of electronic wizardry over at Stereogum yesterday, and I pretty much haven’t been able to stop listening to it.  The kids call it vaporwave, but that’s so silly that I’m ashamed I even typed it.  By the way, the vocals in this track are actually Carly’s.  How crazy is that?  Follow Saint Pepsi on Bandcamp.

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