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Tele Novella, Buttercup, Demitasse, Grand Marais (Jennifer)

May 8, 2013


What do you when your band calls it a day? Well, Natalie Gordon from Agent Ribbons decided to start up Tele Novella (featuring members of Belaire and JC & Co). They made their live performance debut during SXSW and are embarking on a May/June West Coast US tour. A vinyl release (Don’t Be A Stranger 7″) is expected this summer, but in the meantime there are two songs available for free download, No Excalibur and Don’t Be A Stranger. Tele Novella combines the best of my favorite pop flavors – garage, psychedelia, indie, mod, twee – which results in a cool, refreshing musical treat perfect for adding to your summer soundtrack.

One of my favorite Texas bands of the past decade is the San Antonio based Buttercup. Their songs are an irresistible meeting of art and pop; they can be offbeat and quirky but they’re also accessible and relatable. This is a band that loves Neil Young, The Kinks, Talking Heads, The Smiths, and Elliott Smith in equal measures. Their last album, The Weather Here, was released in 2009 and with the loss of their original drummer, it was time to adapt as songwriters and performers. The core trio of remaining members, Erik Sanden, Joe Reyes, and Odie, created band alter egos in the form of Demitasse (Erik and Joe as a downbeat, acoustic duo) and Grand Marais (Erik, Joe, and Odie who are out “to write the definitive anthem for the clinically depressed”). It’s a rare, special treat for a Buttercup show these days, so I highly recommend seizing this opportunity to see them perform this Friday at Frank.

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