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20 Austin Essentials

May 9, 2016


Now that I host both 101X Homegrown and KGSR’s Lone Star State of Mind, I don’t really post quite as many local mp3s.  This is mostly because I spend my Sunday evenings blabbering about all things Austin, so when it comes time to roll out content for SOTO, I often find myself on the hunt for something fresher.  I doubt this will change, so in an attempt to make sure that those of you who avoid me on the radio (but why!?) still get a good dose of Austin, I’m going to occasionally churn out a mix of select local tunes.  The first one is below, and it’s comprised of my top 20 Austin tracks from the first chunk of 2016.  Enjoy.

PS – I left off White Denim and Explosions In The Sky because I figured you guys were more than familiar with them.

PPS – It was surprisingly hard for me to cut this list to 20 songs. Maybe I should have done 30.  I should have done 30.  Next time I’ll do 30.

:Dumb – I Don’t Wanna Die On I-35:  From the Slack Capital compilation. FB
:A Giant Dog – Sex And Drugs:  From Pile. FB
:Basketball Shorts – Kevin McCallister:  From the Slack Capitol compilation. FB
:Otis The Destroyer – Cheetah:  From the Belushi EP. FB
:BOYFRNDZ – Going Under:  From Impulse. FB
:A. Sinclair – Liars in the State of New York:  From Get Out Of The City. FB
:My Jerusalem – Rabbit Rabbit:  From A Little Death. FB
:Emily Wolfe – Atta Blues:  From the Atta Blues single. FB
:Residual Kid – Scentless Princess:  From the Salsa EP. FB
:Mirror Travel – Yesca:  From Cruise Deal. FB
:Jared Leibowich – And You’re Always On:  From Welcome Late Bloomers. FB
:Walker Lukens – Lifted:  From Tell It To The Judge. FB
:Calliope Musicals – Echo Of The Whoos:  From Times Owes You Nothing. FB
:Slomo Drags – Going Out Of Business:  From the band’s self titled EP. FB
:Ramesh – Redemption:  From the Redemption single. FB
:Booher – Pick Up The Robot Put The Robot Down:  From Funny Tears. FB
:Rain Collectors – Lately:  From RCEP. FB
:Dana Falconberry & Medicine Bow – Cora Cora:  Off From The Forest Came The Fire. FB
:Blue Healer – Luminescent Eyes:  From the band’s debut album. FB
:Cross Record – Basket:  From Wabi-Sabi. FB

For the hell of it, here are some other Austin artists that I’ve been digging over the last few months: Alex Napping, Broken Gold, BLXPLTN, Pema, Bayonne, Big Bill, Buhu, Chipper Jones/Chris Lopez, Empty Markets, OBN IIIs, Golden Dawn Arkestra, Growl, Harvest Thieves, Holy Wave, Lowin, Megafauna, Migrant Kids, My Golden Calf, P.T. Banks, Star Parks, The Blind Pets, Ultraviolet.

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Quickdraw: Wussy, Best Friends, DIIV, Blue Healer, Polica

January 26, 2016


Music!  Enjoy.

:Wussy – Dropping Houses:  In a recent interview with Spin, Wussy’s Lisa Walker referred to this track in part as a “singable wall of noise.”  I second that.  Forever Sounds is due out March 4 via Shake It.

:Best Friends – Wash Me Out:  I wasn’t familiar with Best Friends (phrasing?) until this fuzzy, lo-fi indie rock track arrived in my inbox last week, but now I’m all about them.  The band just released an album, Hot. Reckless. Totally Insane., via FatCat.  This particular song isn’t actually on the LP, but I’m still anxious to dive into it.

:DIIV – Is The Is Are:  The more I hear off of DIIV’s upcoming album, the more I get excited about it.  This track has a driving arrangement that I really like.  Is The Is Are is due out February 5 via Captured Tracks.

:Blue Healer – Luminescent Eyes:  Here’s a slick new pop tune from Blue Healer, an Austin-based act that I’ve grown fond of over the last six months or so.  Expect it to get lodged in your head.  The band will release their debut album later this year.

:Polica – Wedding:  I’ve never really thought of Polica as dark or edgy, but that’s pretty much their approach here both sound-wise and lyrically (the song is about the “symbiotic relationship between the militarization of police in America and the drug trade”).  It works for them.  United Crushers is due out March 4 via Mom + Pop.

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