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Big Drag (Noah)

March 27, 2013


Listening to Let You Know – one of the handful of Big Drag songs currently floating free form about the internet – is like that scene in every trippy Akira-like anime where a red-leather sporting character suddenly realizes his/her super mind-powers and the camera rushes in directly in to the character’s eye. The air starts whizzing past the camera getting those speed lines that you’ve come to expect, but then the camera GOES THROUGH THE CHARACTERS’S EYE and their might be some like visceral, juicy popping as the film metaphorically describes that this character has just had the curtain pulled away. And then we’re inside the character’s mind and the music (yes this post is about music) is just big, pulsing psych rock and the speed lines have turned in to crazy color squiggles and it feels like you’re being sucked down the rabbit hole of insanity and visions of fucking crazy monsters and fingers (those things are crazy!) are floating at the edge of the screen and the music is just this haze of dark (but sprightly) psych crunch. And then the character wakes up or loses his mind or something and the rest of the film is about giant teddy bears spraying milk from their chopped off arms.

Anyways, that’s what Big Drag sounds like.

:Big Drag – Let You Know:

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