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Movie Breakdown: The BFG

June 29, 2016

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Pre-Screening Stance:

I’ve never read The BFG, but I like Roald Dahl’s other works .  Also, Steven Spielberg is a pretty talented fella.  Hard to imagine this won’t be something special.

Post-Screening Ramble:

If I were a child, I imagine I’d be raving about The BFG.  The film has a very warm, welcoming glow to it, there are plenty of silly, slapsticky bits, there’s goofy dialogue, and the story itself is oh-so-very sweet (girl accidentally sees giant, giant purposely takes girl, girl and giant eventually help each other achieve better lives).  As an adult though, I have mixed feelings about the film.  It’s certainly well made, and I will forever stand by my opinion that it’s great for kids, but I found it to be boring.  The film is a long two-hours and it’s short on spectacle and wonderment.  I kept waiting for Spielberg to dazzle me, but instead he peppered me with glimpses of things that ultimately never go anywhere.  It would have been great to see a flashback that detailed the history of the giants, or even one that provided more info on the film’s main tall guy, Runt (voiced admirably by Mark Rylance).  But no, aside from one sequence that takes place where Runt sometimes works, the movie just skims along, showing nothing of real substance while hoping that you buy in simply because it carries a good message.  That’s not enough for me.

Those of you looking to take your kids to something wholesome, go see The BFG.  Those of you looking for something special, go see another film.

One Last Thought:

Before the screening started my guest asked if there would be any Swiss Army Man-like farting in the The BFG.  I immediately laughed her off and proudly exclaimed that THE Steven Spielberg wouldn’t put any fart jokes in his fairy tale.  I was wrong.  There are two prominent fart segments in the film.  Oh bother.

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