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Attendance Records, Mission Dorado, Little Radar (Jennifer)

August 7, 2013


Attendance Records is local student run record label/nonprofit organization, and they’re releasing their second EP, Caught In The Food Chain. The group is celebrating with a release party and benefit tomorrow at The Mohawk (all event proceeds will benefit arts education programs).

On their latest record, the lyrics were written by 9th and 10th grade students from Anderson High School, and the songs were performed and recorded by Marmalakes and Belaire. The lyrics deal with a range of emotions that adolescence brings, and they convey a mature and beautiful vulnerability. If you’ve been a fan of the Marmalakes and Belaire’s original songs, you won’t be disappointed by Caught In The Food Chain. They successfully carry out the student’s musical voice and blend it into their own signature sounds.

Belaire will be performing along with several other bands, including Knifight, The Baker Family, Whalers, and Major Major Major. This is a worthwhile opportunity to support a great cause and enjoy top notch local music.

Mission Dorado is the musical persona of songwriter Trey Brown. He recently released a new album, Yannash Nahollo, which is filled with rootsy, psychedelic grooves with hints of soul and jazz. Close your eyes and you can imagine yourself under a star filled West Texas desert sky. If you’d like to see a live performance, you can check them out this Friday at Club Deville with two of my local favorites, Sun Marquee and The Gorgeous Hands.

Little Radar is an Austin pop/rock quartet who put out their full length debut album, Souvenirs, this week. They’re celebrating with a record release party this Saturday at Stubb’s with The Calm Blue Sea and The Baker Family. The title comes from the lyrics of Coming Clean, where they confess how our pasts can linger into our present and future (“for now our wrongs become our souvenirs/they always find us/always find us”). They always put on a fun, loud, and entertaining show. Check them out this weekend before they head out on a US tour to support the new album.

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Belaire, The Couch, MaryAnn, Reservations, Grace Park And The Deer, Hello Caller (Jennifer)

April 10, 2013


There are two great triple bills of local talent this week.  Tomorrow night at the new Antone’s location on East Riverside there is a tasty pop/rock sampler of a show featuring the twangy, rootsy tales of MaryAnn,  infectious, melodic rock from The Couch and the dreamy, bossa nova flair of Belaire. This is an eclectic, top notch selection of bands to satisfy all your pop/rock cravings.

The other stellar triple bill is on Saturday at The Mohawk, and it will feature a blend of acoustic sounds – folk, pop, alt-country, indie. Solo artist Jana Horn has rechristened her band as Reservations (including members from Good Field and Tacks The Boy Disaster), and they are celebrating the release of their self titled EP. They will be joined by Grace Park And The Deer, who have a new album, An Argument For Observation, that’s filled with lush, haunting melodies, and by the jangly, folk infused rock revelery of Hello Caller. This is a very solid bill of up and coming local talent on a Saturday night for only a $6 ($8 under 21) cover.  If you can, show your support by purchasing their latest albums.

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Good Field, JoDee Purkeypile (Jennifer)

February 20, 2013


Although Good Field released their self titled debut in early 2012, this month’s re-release is notable as all the songs on the album have been remastered and put on glorious vinyl.  To celebrate this occasion, the band is holding their vinyl release party in Austin this Friday at Holy Mountain (don’t forget to enter our ticket giveaway; a winner will be drawn the day of the show). They are also embarking on a brief US tour leading up to their official SXSW showcase.

If you like what you hear, remember to tell your friends and spread the word about Good Field. Their CD has received countless spins on my stereo in the past year, and I’m excited to bring home a vinyl copy of their album.  I’m also looking forward to hearing some new tunes. This is a band worth seeing in a live setting, so get out and let their lush, melodic tunes come to life and mesmerize you.

By the way, I highly recommend arriving early to see Dana Falconberry and Belaire – two more excellent local bands who also released some of my favorite albums from 2012; this is a triple local bill not to be missed.

Singer/songwriter JoDee Purkeypile is also celebrating a release this week with his second full length, Messenger. He proudly wears his Anglophile influences on his sleeve – everything from 60s British invaders like The Beatles and The Kinks, 70s power pop like Badfinger and Nick Lowe, and 80s Britpop such as Squeeze and The Smiths. He deftly threads his favorite sounds together and crafts songs in the worthy tradition of the pop songsmiths of his influences. JoDee will be celebrating with a free album release show this Saturday at The Blackheart with Silver Ships and Other Lovers.

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Jennifer’s Top 11 Austin Albums Of 2012

December 14, 2012


When I sat down to list my favorite songs and albums from 2012, Austin bands were all over it. I’m going to take that as a sign and share the local favorites that I listened to repeatedly. There’s no special ranking or order here. It was harder than I expected to narrow it down to the Top 11. These are the bands that made an impression on me this year and give me reasons to be a music fan. I hope you’ll discover new favorites and check them out in 2013.

JC & Co – Music By

This band’s debut album kicked off my 2012 with blissful, dreamy 60s influenced pop. Led by songwriter and guitarist, Jason Chronis, this album is filled  with plenty of jangly guitar hooks and stick in your head melodies.

Belaire – Resonating Symphony

The members of JC & Co had a busy year because most of the band is also part of Belaire. Resonating Symphony was released this spring after having been worked on for three years. It was definitely worth the wait, as it’s a breezy, infectious pop delight with a range of influences that hint of bossa nova, folk, and electropop.

Dana Falconberry – Leelanau

I had heard of Dana from the Echotone music documentary, but I didn’t check out her songs until her album release show a couple of months ago. You could say I had a “what took me so long to pay attention?” moment, but needless to say, I was enchanted by the eloquent, emotive songs filled with the nature inspired sounds of her home state, Michigan. Just close your eyes, listen carefully, and you can imagine yourself transported to the woods and lakes of her childhood.

The Eastern Sea – Plague

The Eastern sea is a name that I first heard a couple of years ago, but I didn’t follow through on checking out their tunes. Thank goodness for second chances! Despite the foreboding album title, the songs on Plague also convey a sense of joy, hope, and overcoming the odds despite what might be against you. A triumphant, gorgeous record worth repeated listens.

Good Field – Good Field

I first heard their self titled debut album about seven months ago, and I’m still completely head over heels for it. The LP is full of undeniable guitar pop hooks that get into your head and never leave. I highly recommend seeing them play live so you can also witness just how great they are as musicians. A new album is in the works and more touring, so keep your eyes and ears open in 2013 for this band. I promise you that they measure up to all my fangirl gushing.

She Sir – You Could Be Tiger/Condensedindents

Their next album, Go Guitars, is slated for a 2013 release. To appease the appetite of fans, the band made two new songs available for download and/or streaming. I can’t get enough of their lush, shimmery sound that floats and swirls in a melodic haze.

The Calm Blue Sea – Arrivals And Departures

This is the year I finally enjoyed a (mostly) instrumental rock album. This is a surprising revelation for a (mostly) power pop, hook loving music fan. Maybe that’s why I love this album, it blew my own expectations away. At one moment you can close your eyes and drift away and at another moment, you can’t resist pulling out some air guitar and/or drumming. This music isn’t just for bedroom listening. Their album release show this fall was one of the shows you brag to your friends about how you were there. I also highly recommend checking out their video performance series, Aberrations And Departures, which was shot at various Austin locations ranging from a neighborhood bar, a vintage store, and a playground. Each setting seamlessly fits into the personality of the songs.

The Couch – The Couch

Early this year, I saw The Couch perform as part of The Good Music Club, and I finally became a Couch convert. They have the advantage of having two talented songwriters and lead singers (I’m such a sucker for great dual male/female vocals), and a solid, top notch rhythm section. It’s a fun, sweaty rock and roll with a melodic, pop heart beating underneath.

Bobby Jealousy- A Little Death

Their debut album is a delicious mix of rock, pop, glam, soul, and punk. The band is a great combination of solid songwriting and infectious, engaging live performances. There have been lineup changes since the album’s release, but that is not slowing the band down from starting work on the next release. I’m excited to hear more from tthem.

The Zoltars – Should I Try Once More?

This album was instantly in the running to be a year end favorite. I became a fan of their less is more, stripped back sound and songwriting. The winning factor is that they’re able to make it catchy, infectious, and worthy of repeated listens. They make the sad songs feels so good.  A 7″ EP is slated for release in January or February, and a new album is set for a summer 2013 release.

Leatherbag – Ditto Time

In 2012, they re-branded themselves briefly as No Future before calling it a day. This past spring, this trio released Ditto Time, which hinted at the band’s change in direction described as “flag wave.” I’m still not quite sure what that is but at the end of the day, the results were killer, no BS songwriting from Randy Reynolds and a badass rhythm section of Daniel Blanchard and Drew Emmons. They were a live favorite that I never tired of seeing. I’m really going to miss this band – good tunes from good people.

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