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Bear Ceuse (Dan)

July 10, 2013


Have you noticed the revival of the 90s alternative sound? A number of bands are borrowing heavily from 90s indie rock. You can hear it  inthe way Yuck channels Sonic Youth and Yo Lo Tengo, The Joy Formidable mirrors Lush, and the always awesome Ringo Deathstarr expands upon what My Bloody Valentine invented. Just the other week I wrote about Milk Music, who were clearly influenced by bands such as Dinosuar, Jr. and Hüsker Dü. Considering 90s indie rock was the soundtrack of my college years and my favorite time for discovering new bands, I’m totally cool with this latest trend and it’s why I’m here to pimp the new record from Bear Ceuse.

Bear Ceuse is a Brooklyn based (via-Missouri) foursome whose new album, Don Domestique, was just released on Medical Records. I got a copy of the album way back in December and have been thoroughly enjoying it ever since. Unlike many other bands doing the 90s thing, Bear Ceuse doesn’t borrow from just one or two bands. The tracks off of Don Domestique vary greatly in their influences. The album is like one of the sampler CDs I received in the mail back when people actually subscribed to rock magazines. Some tracks sound like Pavement or Superchunk while others remind me of early Radiohead mixed with Jeff Buckley. The common trait among all of the songs is they are undeniably catchy. Some are jangly and playful, while other numbers tap into some hardcore energy. All are winners. You can check out Don Domestique on Spotify or on Bandcamp.

:Bear Ceuse – Dixie Brothers:
:Bear Ceuse – OK LE OMA:

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