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Show Of The Week

March 8, 2017


SXSW is here!  I don’t usually do any sort of party talk here at SOTO, but I have a bash this Sunday and I want you to be there!  Once again it’s Austin Town Hall vs Side One Track One, and it’s happening at Hotel Vegas and Volstead.  Last year we had a pretty healthy lineup, but for 2017 we wrangled in a whopping 30 bands (29 from Austin, 1 from France).  It’s FREE and there’s no RSVP required.  Come at 2pm, stay to 2am.  Down below you’ll find the lineup and music for each band!  Enjoy.

PS – No bonus recommendations today.  Also, just so you know, the site will largely be in hibernation mode all next week. Film reviews will still be a go, but don’t expect much else otherwise until the festival is a wrap.

The Midnight Stroll

Weird Omen

The Digital Wild

Black Books

Hard Proof

John Wesley Coleman III

The Dizzease

Basketball Shorts

Upper Deck Pets



The Halfways


A. Sinclair

Roaring Sun

The Lovely Sparrows

Pollen Rx

Mean Jolene



Wild Bill and The Lost Knobs

Lola Tried

She Sir

Skin Drips

Jana Horn

Caroline Says

Julia Lucille



Quin and Annecy – These two don’t have any music online yet, but you can check out some of Quin’s solo work here.

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Top 25 Albums Of 2016

December 12, 2016


Alright friends, here’s my full album list.  Unlike my Top 50 Songs of 2016, there are Austin acts here. As always, this isn’t some sort of “critical” list, it’s just the albums that I jammed the most this year.  Enjoy.

PS – Here’s a playlist of all the albums on Spotify!

25) Deftones – Gore

While I’ve always liked the Deftones, I haven’t legit loved an album of theirs since 2000′s PonyGore wrapped me up though – it’s really well crafted and features some great songs.  I went back to it often in 2016.

24) Nothing – Tired Of Tomorrow

At first I was slightly let down by Nothing’s sophomore effort, but after I spent some quality time with it I became pretty damn attached.  If you’re into shoegaze, then you need to listen to Tired Of Tomorrow.

23) Explosions In The Sky – The Wilderness

I love me some Explosions In The Sky.  By the way, my instrumental album rankings for 2016 go like this: 1) EITS’ The Wilderness, 2) Russian Circles’ Guidance and then 3) Mono’s Requiem For Hell.

22) Tancred – Out Of The Garden

There isn’t a song on Tancred’s Out Of The Garden that isn’t infectious.  Definitely a must-listen for fans of 90s indie/pop rock.

21) Thao And The Get Down Stay Down – A Man Alive

Thao continues to be one of my favorite singer/songwriters of all time.  I just connect with everything she churns out.

20) Bleached – Welcome The Worms

Bleached took a step away from surf rock on Welcome The Worms and it turned out to be a great move for them.  This album is so energetic.

19) Yung – A Youthful Dream

This kid – 22-year-old Mikkel Holm Silkjær – out of Denmark really impressed me with his debut as YungA Youthful Dream is noisy in all of the right ways.

18) A Giant Dog – Pile

Austin’s very own A Giant Dog have long been a favorite of mine, so I love that they totally crushed it on Pile, their debut for Merge Records.

17) Savages – Adore Life

I was obsessed with Savages’ Adore Life for the first few months of the year.  Eventually I was able to wiggle myself out of its intense pull, mostly.

16) Preoccupations – Self Titled

Just in case you forgot, Viet Cong is now Preoccupations.  In regards to their self titled effort, I love that the majority of it sounds like Interpol on artsy steroids.

15) Cross Record – Wabi Sabi

Wabi Sabi is a rather ethereal effort from Cross Record, a newer band out of Austin.  The whole thing is really damn good and it totally turned me into a big fan of theirs.

14) The Hotelier – Goodness

For those of you that love anthemic rock (with a dash of emo on top), here’s Goodness from The Hotelier.  I passionately rocked this album a lot in my car.

13) Frankie Cosmos – Next Thing

There isn’t a single song on Frankie Cosmos’ Next Thing that isn’t soaked in sincerity.  She has one of those voices that makes everything feel so very genuine.

12) Terry Malts – Lost At The Party

Any time Terry Malts put out an album, you can count on it being high up on my list.  They write super catchy stuff and in general are reliably awesome.

11) Cymbals Eat Guitars – Pretty Years

Pretty Years is one hell of an album.  At one point will the masses open up to Cymbals Eat Guitars?  Those guys should be playing huge rooms.

10) White Denim – Stiff

Stiff is another high quality set of jams from White Denim.  They remain a really big favorite of mine.

09) Whitney – Light Upon The Lake

Light Upon The Lake is quite possibly the most accessible album that I came across this year.  Seriously, there’s not a single track on Whitney’s debut that isn’t instantly likeable.

08) Basketball Shorts – Hot And Ready

Hot And Ready from Austin’s Basketball Shorts was a big go-to for me in 2016.  It’s 20-ish minutes of pop punk perfection.

07) Angel Olsen – My Woman

My Woman made me go from liking Angel Olsen to loving her.  What a next level effort.

06) Chance The Rapper – Coloring Book

For a while there, I only listened to Chance The Rapper’s Coloring Book.  It’s an inspired, energetic effort that features a lot of great songwriting.  It’ll be interesting to see where he goes from here.

05) Kanye West – The Life Of Pablo

Kanye’s The Life Of Pablo is a manic listen with a lot of layers.  He sure does have a lot going on in his head.

04) The Coathangers – Nosebleed Weekend

The Coathangers really hit a home run with Nosebleed Weekend.  It has a ton of great hooks and just the right amount of snarl.

03) Frank Ocean – Blonde

Frank Ocean’s Blonde is a hypnotic experience.  I’m not even sure how often I’ve listened to the entire thing after only intending to revisit one particular song.

02) Car Seat Headrest – Teens In Denial

They may not sound alike at all, but Car Seat Headrest’s Teens In Denials is like Frank Ocean’s Blonde – they’re both really hypnotic listens.  That Will Toledo is one hell of a songwriter.

01) White Lung – Paradise

Of all the EPs and LPs I listened to 2016, White Lung’s Paradise is the one that I jammed the most.  It’s loud and heavy and the best modern rock album I’ve come across in years. Congrats to the band for nailing it and grabbing the top spot on my list.

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Show Of The Week

October 5, 2016


Even if you’re set on seeing the great Kendrick Lamar at ACL: Volume 2 this Saturday, you should consider heading to Sidewinder at some point for Bill Ball 2.  The massive show is set to feature Big Bill (of course, it’s their party), Basketball Shorts, Deep Time, Xetas, Mom Jeans, Que Pasa?, US Weekly, Sherman’s March, Zest of Yore, Masculine Pain, MeanGirls, Plutonium Farmers, Body Pressure and Catalina La O.  That’s 14 good bands for $15 solid bucks (or $10, if you buy tix before Saturday).  Get in on that deal, folks.

By the way, on Saturday I’ll be working with Red Bull Sound Select at Empire Control Room & Garage.  That one has Tory Lanez, Mick Jenkins and Smino, and it’s just $3 if you RSVP.  Come join if Kendrick doesn’t all the way scratch your hip hop itch.

BONUS Show Recommendations:

- Chook Race, The Zoltars, Pataphysics, Oozer, Nicky Reyes at Beerland
- Adam Torres at Waterloo Records
- The Felice Brothers, Aaron Lee Tasjan at The Sidewinder
- Molly Burch, Hidden Ritual, Jesse Woods & RF Shannon, Cowboy Crisis at Barracuda
- Haim at Stubb’s

- Carl Sagan’s Skate Shoes, Vampyre, Foreign Mothers, Sherman’s March at Hotel Vegas
- Boss Battle, Darkbird, Coattails at the Mohawk
- Belcurve, The Gents, Slomo Drags, Booher at Cheer Up Charlies
- Sip Sip, Hard Proof, So Official at Empire Control Room
- Band of Horses, The Wild Feathers at Stubb’s
- Kevin Devine & The Goddamn Band at Stubb’s
- Saint Motel, JR JR, Weathers at Emo’s

- Part Time, Pale Dian, Typical Girls, Roses at Hotel Vegas
- Gringo Star, Liz Burrito at the Mohawk
- Ditch the Fest with Hikes, Trouble in the Streets, Sometimes a Legend, Eyelid Kid, Smile, The Bishops, The Halfways, Strange Mother, Corduroi, Upper Deck Pets, Planet Manhood, Triplets, Boys Club at Cheer Up Charlies
- Gallant, RKCB at the Parish
- Banks & Steelz, Magna Carda at Antone’s
- MC Chris, MC Lars, Megaran at The Sidewinder

- Thor & Friends at End of an Ear
- Russian Circles, Helms Alee at Barracuda
- Marmalakes, The Dan Ryan at Austin Beer Garden Brewing Co.
- Slayer, Anthrax, Death Angel at ACL Live
- LL Cool J featuring DJ Z-Trip, Lizzo at Stubb’s

Show Of The Week Media:

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Show Of The Week (Powered by Pulsr)

August 24, 2016


My good buddy Nathan (from Austin Town Hall) and me via my radio show, 101X Homegrown, have a rad gig happening this Saturday at Barracuda.  It’s a total Back To School Bash with a loaded bill that features Shivery Shakes, Basketball Shorts (creators of one of my fav albums this year – Hot And Ready), Summer Salt, Young Girls, Mean Jolene, Rose Selavy and Plantation Band.  What a lineup!  And the best part is that it’ll only cost you $5.  That’s right, for $5 you’ll get to see seven of my favorite bands out of Austin (and Houston).  You’d be super silly to miss it.

By the way, if $5 is just way too pricey for you, then shoot me a note HERE with the subject TUITION IS EXPENSIVE AND I’M BROKE.  On the day of the show I’ll randomly draw someone for a pair of guest list spots.

Check it out on Facebook HERE.

PS – If you’re inclined to see me twice this week, I’ll be at the Oasis on Friday for a show I booked for 93.7 KLBJ.  It’s FREE and you’ll get to see A. Sinclair, Nic Armstrong And The Thieves and PT Banks.

Thanks to Pulsr for sponsoring this week’s column!  For those of you who don’t know, Pulsr is a social discovery application meant to answer the age-old question “What should we do tonight?” By using personalized content and a live social media feed, Pulsr helps locals get the most out of living in Austin by showing the best live music, trendy restaurants, happy hour specials and more. Pulsr aims to help locals get out and live by joining with others to explore all Austin has to offer. The app is available for download for iOS and Android in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

BONUS Show Recommendations:

You can find each show on Pulsr by clicking on the first band.

- Plantation Band, Gossamer Frontier, Lord Buffalo, Bennet and Jodi at Hotel Vegas
- Al Lover, Botany, Teevee, Dark Palaces, DJ Boozwa at Barracuda

- Common Velvet, Jinx and the Hammer, Summertime Fun Band at Hotel Vegas
- Lyle Lovett and his Large Band at ACL Live at the Moody Theater
- Pleasers, Jean, Teenage Cavegirl, The Two Lips at Cheer Up Charlies

- John Wesley Coleman III at Oskar Blues Brewery
- San Saba County, Henry Benjamin, The John Pauls at Lamberts
- Major Grizz, Birthday Club, Big Coat, Slomo Drags at the Mohawk
- A/B (formerly Chipper Jones), Grivo, Dry Spell, Sidechick at The Sidewinder
- Ex-Legionnaires, Xetas, Casual Burn, Oozer at The Sidewinder
- A Giant Dog, The Zoltars, Honey Bucket at Hotel Vegas
- The Boxing Lesson, Paceshifters, Residual Kid, Wildcat Apollo at Empire Control Room
- Megafauna, Muchos Backflips, Noooooooo!, Guy Town at the Hole in the Wall
- The Used at Emo’s

- Early Brunch with Spray Paint at Hotel Vegas
- Kay Odyssey, Pataphysics, She Sir, The Dizzease at The Swan Dive
- The Used at Emo’s
- Z-Trip, Chorizo Funk at the Belmont
- Scott Biram, Alien Knife Fight, Ghostwriter at Grizzly Hall
- Slipknot, Marilyn Manson, Of Mice & Men at Austin360 Amphitheater

- Lyle Lovett and his Large Band at ACL Live at the Moody Theater

Show Of The Week Media:

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Show Of The Week

June 29, 2016


For the last few weeks I’ve been really loving Basketball Shorts’ debut full length, Hot And Ready.  If you’re wondering how you missed it, you didn’t, because the album isn’t actually out until July 8 (via Austin Town Hall/Fleeting Youth).  Good news though, it’s going to be available on vinyl tomorrow at Cheer Up Charlie’s, and you should go grab yourself a copy.  Also, while you’re there, you should watch Austin’s best pop-punk act play alongside Flesh Lights, Foreign Mothers and Popper Burns.  Have fun!

BONUS Show Recommendations:

- Kevin Morby, Big Thief at The Sidewinder
- Stardeath and White Dwarfs, Casket Girls, Hospital Ships at The Sidewinder
- The Ghost Wolves, Holiday Mountain, Jonas Wilson at Hotel Vegas
- Annabelle Chairlegs, Lake of Fire, The Diamond Center at Barracuda

- King Khan and the Shrines, Giorgio Murderer, Sailor Poon at the Mohawk
- Shovels & Rope, Okkervil River, Matthew Vasquez, Girl in a Coma at Stubb’s
- The Joe Jacksons, The Happen-ins, Steep Cats at the Continental Club

- Football Etc, All People, Hikes, Honey and Salt, Mean Girls at Cheer Up Charlies
- Soaked, Summer Salt, The Sun Machine, Dronebaby at The Swan Dive

- Black Joe Lewis, Sweet Spirit, Ghost Wolves at Austin Beer Garden Brewing Co.
- Mitski, Japanese Breakfast, Jay Som at The Sidewinder
- Hovvdy, Heavy Petting, Early Internet at The Sidewinder
- Darkbird, Residual Kid, The Continuums, Dronebaby, Milk at Cheer Up Charlies
- Fat Tony, Total Abuse, Team Next, Funny Games at Barracuda
- New Fumes, Holy Wave, Ouiness, Treasure Mammal, No Cops at The North Door
- Charlie Belle, Nic Armstrong & The Thieves at Stubb’s

- Dinos Boys, The Bad Lovers, Sister Rays, Teenage Cavegirl, Secret Bad Boys at The Grand
- The Ripe, Think No Think, Black Liquid Drop, Foxmoor Express, The Gospel Truth at Barracuda
- Ringo Deathstarr, Soft Healer, Lake of Fire, Lochness Mobsters, John Wesley Coleman, The Bolos, Al Lover, Ex-Legionaires, Nameless Frames, Teevee at Hotel Vegas
- Dashboard Confessional, Taking Back Sunday, Saosin, The Early November at Cedar Park Center

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20 Austin Essentials

May 9, 2016


Now that I host both 101X Homegrown and KGSR’s Lone Star State of Mind, I don’t really post quite as many local mp3s.  This is mostly because I spend my Sunday evenings blabbering about all things Austin, so when it comes time to roll out content for SOTO, I often find myself on the hunt for something fresher.  I doubt this will change, so in an attempt to make sure that those of you who avoid me on the radio (but why!?) still get a good dose of Austin, I’m going to occasionally churn out a mix of select local tunes.  The first one is below, and it’s comprised of my top 20 Austin tracks from the first chunk of 2016.  Enjoy.

PS – I left off White Denim and Explosions In The Sky because I figured you guys were more than familiar with them.

PPS – It was surprisingly hard for me to cut this list to 20 songs. Maybe I should have done 30.  I should have done 30.  Next time I’ll do 30.

:Dumb – I Don’t Wanna Die On I-35:  From the Slack Capital compilation. FB
:A Giant Dog – Sex And Drugs:  From Pile. FB
:Basketball Shorts – Kevin McCallister:  From the Slack Capitol compilation. FB
:Otis The Destroyer – Cheetah:  From the Belushi EP. FB
:BOYFRNDZ – Going Under:  From Impulse. FB
:A. Sinclair – Liars in the State of New York:  From Get Out Of The City. FB
:My Jerusalem – Rabbit Rabbit:  From A Little Death. FB
:Emily Wolfe – Atta Blues:  From the Atta Blues single. FB
:Residual Kid – Scentless Princess:  From the Salsa EP. FB
:Mirror Travel – Yesca:  From Cruise Deal. FB
:Jared Leibowich – And You’re Always On:  From Welcome Late Bloomers. FB
:Walker Lukens – Lifted:  From Tell It To The Judge. FB
:Calliope Musicals – Echo Of The Whoos:  From Times Owes You Nothing. FB
:Slomo Drags – Going Out Of Business:  From the band’s self titled EP. FB
:Ramesh – Redemption:  From the Redemption single. FB
:Booher – Pick Up The Robot Put The Robot Down:  From Funny Tears. FB
:Rain Collectors – Lately:  From RCEP. FB
:Dana Falconberry & Medicine Bow – Cora Cora:  Off From The Forest Came The Fire. FB
:Blue Healer – Luminescent Eyes:  From the band’s debut album. FB
:Cross Record – Basket:  From Wabi-Sabi. FB

For the hell of it, here are some other Austin artists that I’ve been digging over the last few months: Alex Napping, Broken Gold, BLXPLTN, Pema, Bayonne, Big Bill, Buhu, Chipper Jones/Chris Lopez, Empty Markets, OBN IIIs, Golden Dawn Arkestra, Growl, Harvest Thieves, Holy Wave, Lowin, Megafauna, Migrant Kids, My Golden Calf, P.T. Banks, Star Parks, The Blind Pets, Ultraviolet.

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Basketball Shorts (Single Premiere)

April 7, 2016


One of my favorite bands in Austin is Basketball Shorts.  They’re loud, hilarious and, perhaps most importantly, a good group of dudes.  So, it really slaps a smile on my face to be debuting a rad new track from them today.  It’s off of a new compilation called Slack Capital (see below for more info), and it will be on their debut album that will be coming out this summer via Austin Town Hall/Fleeting Youth.  Enjoy.

You can check out all of Slack Capital right HERE.  Buy it!  All proceeds will be donated to Anthropos Arts, a local non-profit organization which provides music lessons and musical instruments to at-risk youth.

Also, be sure to hit up the release party that’s happening on April 15 at Barracuda.  David Liebe Hart, Big Bill, Annabelle Chairlegs, Basketball Shorts, Sailor Poon, Pollen RX and more are playing!  $8 will get you in AND land you a copy of the compilation on CD.

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Show Of The Week

January 13, 2016


Barracuda is the place to be this week, as all of its show are FREE!  If you only have the energy to get out for one night though, then my recommendation is that you head to the recently opened club on Saturday for The Zoltars, Party Girl, Basketball Shorts and Mean Jolene.  All four bands have super catchy tunes and each act is just noisy enough to keep you moving so that you don’t get cold.  Now get out there and have some fun.

BONUS Show Recommendations:

- Think No Think, Sweat Lodge, Hard Dads, Magic Rockers of Texas at Barracuda

- Tanlines at the Mohawk
- Emily Wolfe, Zac Kellog at Stubb’s
- Total Abuse, Xetas, Skeleton at Barracuda
- Josh Ritter & the Royal City Band, Elephant Revival at ACL Live

- Ringo Deathstarr, Annabelle Chairlegs, Hollow Trees at Barracuda

- Booher, The Villas, Gloves Intl., Young Girls at Hotel Vegas
- Ruby Fray, The Sour Notes, Que Pasa? at the Mohawk
- Armstrong Leigh, Blue Healer at Lamberts
- The Return of Weird City with Hermit Kingdom, Crew54, Ben Buck BeatBox vs. McNasty Tie Dye, LNS Crew, Chief and The Doomsday Device, Magna Carda, KB the Boo Bonic, Scuare, Protextor/P-Tek, Anya, Brain (of SubKulture Patriots), No1mportant, Underdogz (Phraynkh P – Frank P. x Mainstreem), Feral the Earthworm, Big Mic Pereida, C.I.G, Sertified, Dat Boy Supa, Ruler Why, Clemits, Jae Jax Da Menace, Retr0gRaDe (Retr05pect + RuDi Devino), OT23, LaJIT, Tone Royal, Keith Corona, Nate, Space Camp Death Squad, DJ Recspect, Marcelandrie, DJ Burnzy at the Spiderhouse Ballroom

- The Able Sea, Cross Record, Future Museums at the Salvage Vanguard Theater

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2014 Austin Essentials: Volume 3

November 26, 2014

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Well, here it is, the third and final volume of my 2014 Austin Essentials.  In total I’ve shared 65 local acts over the last three days (Volume 1 is here, Volume 2 is here).  Hopefully you found some new stuff!  Enjoy.

PS – If I missed anything (and I’m sure I did), feel free to ramble away (or just scold me) in the comments.

:Roger Sellers – Steps:  Roger Sellers is not a DJ, but he does craft some particularly good electronic music.  Primitives is the title of his latest album.  Grab your headphones and go give it a listen.   Provide Facebook love HERE.

:Ghetto Ghouls – Simple C:  Ghetto Ghouls’ self titled debut is a furious effort that punk fans have been all over for most of the year.  Oddly enough though, I think the best song on it is actually this plodding album-closer.  Provide Facebook love HERE.

:Pollen – Not A Test:  Pollen were just getting going last year, so it’s not really a surprise that they took a nice-sized leap forward in 2014.  Their self titled EP features four rather good garage pop tunes.  Provide Facebook love HERE.

:The Ghost Wolves – Gonna Live:  Carley and Jonathan Wolf are the duo behind The Ghost Wolves, and their latest album, Man, Beast, Woman, is loaded with quality bluesy, garage rock tunes.  Provide Facebook love HERE.

:Holy Wave – Wet And Wild:  You’re doing something wrong if you’re a psych rock fan (in Austin or anywhere else) and you don’t adore Holy Wave.  Seek out their latest album, Relax.  Provide Facebook love HERE.

:Megafauna – Time To Go:  Fronted by the versatile Dani Neff, Megafauna have a sound that’s big, loud and a lot of fun.  Don’t be afraid to let the album Maximalist rattle your walls.  Provide Facebook love HERE.

:Chipper Jones – Scout:  A new favorite of mine this year has definitely been experimental rockers Chipper Jones.  This rad song comes from a cassingle that was released via local label Graveyard Orbit.  Provide Facebook love HERE.

:Love Inks – Shoot 100 Panes Of Glass:  Back in September Love Inks released Generation Club, a nice effort full of minimalist pop tunes.  Listen to it and I promise you’ll fall in love with Sherry LeBlanc’s voice.  Provide Facebook love HERE.

:Night Drive – Young Rivals:  If you’ve been waiting to get something immensely dance-worthy out of this year’s Austin-centric list, then this gem of a single from Night Drive is for you.  Have fun.  Provide Facebook love HERE.

:Pure X – Heaven:  You know, somehow I’ve still never managed to see Pure X live.  It’s weird.  Anyways, Angel is a beautifully constructed album that’s really easy to get lost in.  Provide Facebook love HERE.

:Molybden – Woman Who Left Behind: Singer/songwriter Molybden has a fantastically solemn voice, and I hope her upcoming full length gets released early in 2015.  Provide Facebook love HERE.

:John Wesley Coleman – The Love That You Own:  I’m forever a fan of John Wesley Coleman because he once wrote a SOTO theme song for $10, but you should applaud him for The Love That You Own, which is the album he put out on Burger Records this year.  Provide Facebook love HERE.

:East Cameron Folkcore – In The House Everything Dies:  East Cameron Folkcore really worked it in 2014, and I don’t just mean around Austin – the band toured Europe and played CMJ.  They also put out this snarling single.  Provide Facebook love HERE.

:Jonly Bonly – Too Many Things:  SOTO’s resident super punk fan Dan was all about Jonly Bonly this year.  The band is fronted by Jason Smith (formerly of OBN IIIs) and their debut, Put Together, is one you should own.  Provide Facebook love HERE.

:Emily Wolfe – Swoon:  This year Emily Wolfe played ACL and released a very solid EP titled Roulette.  If you love sultry voices, then she’s the one for you.  Provide Facebook love HERE.

:Other Lovers – Let Me Go:  Other Lovers are a folk rock/country/whiskey-fueled act that spent 2014 really honing their craft.  Hoot is the sort of album that will make you move even when you don’t want to.  Provide Facebook love HERE.

:She Sir – Condensedindents:  Go Guitars is the name of the rather enjoyable dream pop effort that She Sir released this year.  They’re apparently already in the midst of putting together a follow-up, which is exciting.  Provide Facebook love HERE.

:Ruby Fray – Photograph:  K Records artist Ruby Fray, who accurately describes her sound as witchy chamber folk, released her sophomore LP, Grackle, this year.  You should listen to it.  Provide Facebook love HERE.

:The Clouds Are Ghosts – 54:  This nicely textured track is a favorite of mine from The Clouds Are Ghosts’ Fractures.  Slap on some headphones before you hit play.  Provide Facebook love HERE.

:Whiite Walls – June 9th:  Whiite Walls followed up last year’s teaser tracks with a disco-enthused self titled EP.  It’s a total must-listen if you’re looking to softly dance the night way.  Provide Facebook love HERE.

:Gloves – Hot Checks:  Dance punk isn’t exactly a big thing in Austin, so I appreciate that Gloves are giving it a go.  I think this particular track of theirs is super catchy.  Provide Facebook love HERE.

:Holiday Mountain – My Body:  Holiday Mountain are total sensory overload, and I love them for it.  Here’s hoping their new album gets released soon.  Provide Facebook love HERE.

:Feral Future – No Means Nothing:  For those of you who like your punk rock to be both loud and loaded with a worthwhile message, there’s Feral Future.  The band’s debut, Haematic, is a good one.  Provide Facebook love HERE.

:Orthy – Night Touch:  If you didn’t indulge in Orthy’s E.M.I.L.Y. EP earlier this year, then you need to get your act together.  It’s a really well crafted electronic effort.  Provide Facebook love HERE.

:Basketball Shorts – Candy Boys:  If you ask me, Basketball Shorts are Austin’s version of Diarrhea Planet.  Get on their bandwagon.  The Houston Sessions is the name of their latest release.  Provide Facebook love HERE.

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Big Bill, Foxing Quarterly (Jennifer)

May 14, 2014


Looking for something a little weird and off the beaten path to kick off your weekend?  Then I recommend the Big Bill-lead show at Hotel Vegas tomorrow night.

Big Bill describe their sound as “The Drunk History of Punk Bands”and they’ll be performing songs like the soon to be oddball classic Who Put Dave In The Microwave?.  You’ll also get the “freak punk band” Barf Bag (I feel queasy already), and the “anthemic geek punk” of Basketball Shorts

Preview some tunes below and take a look at the nifty video that features a gig poster brought to life.

If this weekend you’d like something acoustic and folky, the Austin-based literary journal Foxing Quarterly will be presenting Hyde Park Hymns this Saturday at the historic Hyde Park Presbyterian Church.  This intimate event showcases the songwriting talents of Rain Collectors (Santiago Dietche from Growl and Blair Robbins from Milezo), Harrison Anderson, and Molly Burch.

Blair Robbins will be departing for Accra, Ghana two days after the show for a month long study abroad program. While there, she and a group of other UT students will work alongside HIV positive women who are developing their own small business cooperative. The UT group is currently raising funds to provide the women with microloans and to put on workshops in self-empowerment, micro-finance, and business management.

Your $10 cover will be going towards a worthy cause and Foxing Quarterly will be donating one-third of each ticket sale from the evening directly to the project. Keep in mind that this is an early show (7:30 pm doors, music starts at 8:00pm) and the church is a no food/drink area. Complimentary water will be provided in the front yard.

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Sally Crewe And The Sudden Moves, MaryAnn, Basketball Shorts (Jennifer)

March 20, 2013


Here’s your opportunity to appreciate a good cover song and do a good deed at the same time. Sally Crewe And The Sudden Moves recently covered the XTC tune Making Plans For Nigel. The song contains the lyric, “Nigel just needs a helping hand.”

Why is the name Nigel important?  Well, he was a stray kitten rescued by Sally in 2007, and then last year poor Nigel had some rough luck after surviving a couple of accidents. For $1 (or more if you wish), you can download the track. All proceeds will go towards Nigel’s medical expenses.

MaryAnn is the latest inception of the band previously known as MaryAnn and The Revival Band. In the last month or so the band has released a couple of video teasers for their latest release, Outlaw Opry Act I. This Saturday the band is holding a free release show for the album at the Scoot Inn.

The video teasers hint at a bleak, tragic tale that will be unveiled at the upcoming performance. MaryAnn will be playing a short warm-up set before they play Act 1 in its entirely; the performance will be accompanied by visuals from Max Kruecke and Dan Eppley.

Get there early to catch the folky, sisterly harmonies of The Villettes. Courtney and Erin Howell from The Sour Notes are 2/3 of the band.

Sometimes a humorous name is all it takes for me to check out a band. A couple of days ago, I stumbled across Basketball Shorts. They’ve released a digital single, Genevieve. Their Bandcamp page describes their sound as “pizza rock.” That seems fitting as it’s a tasty, fun slice of pop rock that has you coming back for more. Pass me another slice and hand me a cold beer while you’re at it, alright?

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