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Bare Wires (Noah)

November 14, 2012


Bare Wires wasn’t ever a band I cared for. So immersed in the idea that they were just a part of fun lovin’ ‘rock ‘n’ roll’, they became more of a cover band than an actual band. Costumes, general attitude, “balls-to-the-walls” sound was all so finely aimed at imitating the glory days of glam rock, that it became just that, a hollow imitation that was good to look at for a moment, but in the long-run, well, empty. The band collapsed, quite dramatically if stories can be told, and Matthew Melton has moved on to Warm Soda, but in the waning days of the band, there was just enough time for a new record. Call it the emotional wreckage of a band up against the ropes, or perhaps just how good a final swan song can sound, but the final album of Bare Wires is, well, damn fine.

Melton and company are still playing in a similar sandbox, the glory days of 70s cheese rock, but some of the cheese has been pushed to the side, and, if Impossible Things has anything to say about the rest of the album, and buoyed by some serious existential pining. Impossible Things starts with the sort of up-beat rock ‘n’ roll you expect at the beginning of Back To The Future, but quickly asserts itself as a darker, moodier beast. Over a dark, bouncy bass-line, Melton uses jagged guitar riffs coupled with his growling near-falsetto, to pull the song out of the cheese-rock of Bare Wires past and in to a future that I think most BW fans are going to be sad they won’t be able to see.

:Bare Wires – Impossible Things:

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