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Bad Sports

August 9, 2016


Fun Fact: 10 years ago today I started Side One Track One.  It’s been a good ride!  But it’s time to call it quits.  Just kidding.  SOTO has always served as an outlet for me, and it will continue to do so for the foreseeable future.

By the way, I did attempt to curate a rad anniversary show, but I couldn’t seem to get it to come together.  I also thought about pounding out some sort of disgustingly long post where I would look back on 10 years of typing, but that just seemed silly.  So, instead I’m just going to simply tip my keyboard to all of you and say thanks for reading.  I do appreciate it.

On the music side of things for today, I figured I should roll out Bad Sports’ new single, Done To Death.  Not only is it a great track, but its title matches up perfectly with how I feel about blogging.  HA!


:Bad Sports – Done To Death:

Living With Secrets is due out this Friday via Dirtnap Records.

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Bad Sports

June 21, 2016


If you’re into the punk scene in Austin and/or Denton, then you probably already know that Bad Sports is an all-star group of sorts.  Guitarist/vocalist Orville Neeley can usually be found fronting the always rad OBN IIIs, and both bassist/vocalist Daniel Fried and drummer Gregory Rutherford are in the great Radioactivity.  In August the trio will be putting out an EP, and today I have the title track/first single off of it.  Expect to want to leave the track on repeat for a while.  Enjoy.

:Bad Sports – Living With Secrets:

The Living With Secrets EP is due out August 12 via Dirtnap Records.

Bonus Video:

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Sonny Vincent Benefit (Dan)

February 5, 2016


Saturday night there is a benefit show at the Sidewinder (doors at 8pm) featuring a slew of incredible Texas punk and garage rock bands. The show is being held to benefit Sonny Vincent (of the Testors) whose family was recently involved in a tragic accident. All proceed collected at the door will go towards the recovery of Sonny’s family.

Sonny’s son, daughter-in-law, and grandson were involved in a gas explosion. They are each currently in the Burn Intensive Care Unit at Winston Salem Medical Center, and are on life support struggling for their lives. A Go Fund Me has been established to help cover the family’s massive medical bill. Whether you can make it to the show or not, I hope you will consider donating to this worthy cause.

For those unfamiliar with Sonny Vincent, he’s a punk rock musician that has been making great music since the mid-1970s. He started out as part of the New York City punk rock scene and over the years has performed and recorded with an incredible array of musicians. These include Maureen Tucker, Bob Stinson, Brian James, Thurston Moore, Lou Reed, John Cale, and Jad Fair, just to name a few.

Here is the lineup for this Saturday. I hope to see you there!

Riverboat Gamblers
11:10-12 AM
Easy Prey
10-10:30 PM
Gentlemen Rogues
9-9:30 PM

Sweet Talk
12:50-1:30 AM
Bad Sports
12-12:40 AM
10:30-11 PM
Broken Gold
9:30-10 PM

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Burger Records (Dan)

February 19, 2014


Like it or not, SXSW is just around the corner. I can’t say I’m ready for it, but I’m getting there. I’m currently working on the follow up to last year’s DC vs Austin show, but since we’re not yet ready to release the details for that party, I figured I’d suggest another SXSW show.

If you love garage rock as much as I do then you’re probably aware of Burger Records. It’s an independent record label and record store in Fullerton, California. The label was founded in 2007 by two members of Thee Makeout Party. The record store opening followed soon after in 2009.

So what makes Burger Records so special? First, they are known for releasing most of their music on cassette. Their loyalty to an outdated but cheap music format helped spark a most unlikely resurgence in tapes. I personally don’t long for the days of listening to music from the tape deck of my 1986 Ford Tempo, but to each his own.

My love of Burger is not because of cassettes. It’s all about the music. They have released tracks by some of the great garage bands of the past decade: Bad Sports, Black Lips, Diarrhea Planet, King Kahn & The Shrines, Hunx And His Punx, King Tuff, Mikal Cronin, Ty Segall, and Thee Oh Sees.  There are also a number of Austin bands on Burger Records as well – Grape St, Holy Wave, John Wesley Coleman, and The Zoltars (go see them on 3/1 with La Snacks at Spiderhouse!) all have released music through Burger.

I also love Burger’s DIY attitude. When I was younger I idolized Fugazi and everyone at Dischord Records for paving their own way. They set the example for punk and hardcore bands on how to succeed on their own terms. The founders of Burger Records have a different model for their business but the DIY motivation is the same.

All of that is to say that you must hear these incredible Burger bands next month during SXSW. The Burger’s 5th Annual SXSW Kickoff is on Wednesday, 3/12 at Trailer Space Records. Then the big party, Burgermania III, is on Saturday, 3/15 at Hotel Vegas. You can listen to the sampler below and also stream The Studio B Sampler and Taste of Burger Records.

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Bad Sports (Dan)

August 21, 2013


It’s no exaggeration that Bras from Bad Sports has been my most anticipated album of the year. Their last release, Kings Of The Weekend, was genius, and I love the other bands the members belong to: OBN IIIs, Mindspiders, Video, and Wax Museums.

Bad Sports features Orville Neeley III (guitar/vocals), Daniel Fried (bass/vocals), and Gregory Rutherford (drums). At their core, they are still very much a Texas garage rock band, but they’ve expanded their game on the very good Bras, which I was able to hear last week. The tracks are distinctive with numerous influences sprinkled throughout. You can hear elements of late 70’s New York punk as well as Cheap Trick power-pop and Television noise rock. There are even a few tracks that remind me of OBN IIIs, one of Orville’s other bands. However, not all of Orville’s vocals and lyrics here have the snarl and fury he displays in OBN IIIs. On Bras he shows expanded songwriting chops as he sings about being the nice guy that finishes last, being stuck in a terrible place, and as he pleads for a girl to let him into her heart.

There’s something for any fan of garage rock or punk to love on this record. Below are three of my favorite tracks from the album. The album isn’t on sale until August 27, but if you can’t wait a week to hear the rest of the album, you can stream it now at Spin.

:Bad Sports – Get You:
:Bad Sports – Let Me In:
:Bad Sports – Terrible Place:

Bonus Video:

This is a Gregory recording the drums for Free Spirit, another track off of Bras.

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