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Quickdraw: White Reaper, Mac DeMarco, Haelos, Mas Ysa, Astronautalis

May 14, 2015


Music!  Enjoy.

:White Reaper – I Don’t Think She Cares:  I need all of you to hurry up and jump on the White Reaper bandwagon.  They’re too rad to not be getting talked about all the time.  As for this new single, it is, of course, fiercely infectious.  White Reaper Does It Again is due out July 17 via Polyvinyl.

:Mac DeMarco – The Way You’d Love Her:  This breezy throwback from Mac DeMarco is such an ear pleaser.  I suspect that I won’t be taking it off repeat anytime soon.  The Another One mini-LP is due out August 7 via Captured Tracks.  See Mac at Stubb’s on October 20.

:Haelos – Earth Not Above:  Yesterday I came across this song by Haelos in my inbox and quickly fell for it.  I like that it’s big, well crafted and kind of moody.  The Earth Not Above EP is due out June 1 via Matador.

:Mas Ysa – Margarita:  Thomas Arsenault (aka Mas Ysa) is currently a big favorite of mine.  I love his semi-quaky vocal style and I think his arrangements are stellar.  This new track is a stunner.  Seraph is due out June 24 via Downtown Records.  See Thomas at Red 7 on July 17.

:Astronautalis – Papillon:  “It ain’t a fucking party if you do it every night.”  Astronautalis is a good dude (or at least seems to be) with a good message.  I’ll support that any day.   This one is an outtake, so grab it while you can.

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Four Fists

September 5, 2013


Finally!  After years of feeling bummed about missing Four Fists at what I figured was a random one-off SXSW set, the mighty duo of P.O.S. and Astronautalis have let it be known that the project is still kicking along.  If you dig hip hop even just a little, then you know this is a very good thing.  The pair will release a double a-side 7″ on October 8 via Doomtree Records.  A full length is expected in the near future.  Enjoy.

:Four Fists – MMMMMHMMMMM:  Just as I hoped, this has an aggressive sound and is lyrically deep enough to make me wonder when I’ll have the will power to take it off repeat.  I really hope that LP isn’t too far off.

Bonus Videos:

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10 Artists You Need To See At Fun Fun Fun Fest

October 29, 2012


Fun Fun Fun Fest takes over Auditorium Shores this weekend, and I’m pumped.  Like every year, the festival is packed with a large variety of acts that must been seen.  Refused, Santigold, Explosions In The Sky, Run DMC – these are just a few of the big names that will be delighting the masses.  As I noted, though, the lineup is stacked, and that means there will also be quite a bit of good music going on during the afternoon.  Below you’ll find the 10 bands that I think you should head out early to see.  Enjoy.

PS – Tickets are still available!  Also, the FFF Nites are going to be killer.  Check out the list of acts here.  The shows are free if you have a Fun Fun Fun Fest wristband.


Celebration Rock is quite possibly the best rock release of the year, and I know these two guys put on a great show.  Combine those two things with the rowdy attitude (from the artist and the crowd) that tends to come with the Black Stage, and it’s possible that the world will catch on fire.  I can’t wait to see what happens.

:Japandroids – The Nights Of Wine And Roses:

Japandroids play the Black Stage at 4:20pm on Sunday.

Icona Pop

This pop duo put out one of the year’s catchiest tracks, and they’re riding a fairly large wave of buzz.  Time to see if they’re worth all the attention.  I’m hoping they are, as it could make for a really entertaining show.

:Icona Pop – I Love It:

Icona Pop play the Blue Stage at 1:50pm on Friday.


I saw this band at SXSW, and I came away fairly impressed.  Their sound is of the simple, straightforward retro pop variety, but they work it and put on an upbeat show that will surely play well amongst the chaos of Fun Fun Fun Fest.

:Bleached – Searching Through The Past:

Bleached play the Orange Stage at 2:10pm on Sunday.


This list isn’t in any particular order, but if it was I’d probably put Fidlar near the top of it.  They’ve released so many good songs in 2012, and I must hear them all live.  Or, if anything, I at least want to hold a drink high in the air as the band plays Cheap Beer.

:Fidlar – Cheap Beer:

Fidlar play the Black Stage at 1:05pm on Friday.


To be honest, I don’t know much about this act.  I can only say that Harlem Shake is one hell of a banger, and I have to see how the crowd handles it.  I predict a dance party that will be spoken of for years to come.

:Baauer – Harlem Shake:

Baauer plays the Blue Stage at 1:45pm on Sunday.

Yellow Ostrich

This band has been mentioned so many times around here that I’m sure you already had plans to see them.  RIGHT?  If for some crazy reason you didn’t, be sure to go.  They have a large handful of stellar songs in their repertoire, and I always find their live sets to be very good.

:Yellow Ostrich – Marathon Runner:

Yellow Ostrich play the Orange Stage at 12:30pm on Friday.

Fang Island

I’ve been wanting to see these guys play for a long time.  Their recorded stuff is full of energy, and they seem like a band that will own the festival setting and do something fun.

:Fang Island – Asunder:

Fang Island play the Orange Stage at 1:35pm on Sunday.

The Helio Sequence

I imagine that many of you are already very aware of the Helio Sequence, but they’re playing so early in the day that I wanted to make sure to highlight them.  Also, their latest album, Negotiations, is a good one, and I can’t wait to hear the new songs live.

:The Helio Sequence – Hall Of Mirrors:

The Helio Sequence play the Orange Stage at 2:10pm on Saturday.


I’ve had the pleasure of seeing this guy twice, and both times I wanted to find him after his set and give him the best high five possible.  He’s an absolute blast, and I wouldn’t be surprised if he came out of Fun Fun Fun Fest with a new legion of fans.

:Astronautalis – Dimitri Mendeleev:

Astronautalis plays the Blue Stage at 4:55pm on Friday.


I’ve grown to like Torche because of their most recent album, Harmonicraft.  They do catchy, anthemic metal tunes that are fun to sing-a-long to, and I expect they’ll make for a nice change of pace on the Black Stage.

:Torche – Letting Go:

Torche play the Black Stage at 2:15pm on Friday.


Because sometimes the world is just crazy enough that covering Weird Al’s Dare To Be Stupid will land you a spot at a large festival.  Nailed it!  I’m super excited for these local guys to be playing (and kicking off, actually) Fun Fun Fun Fest.  I’ve seem them do the aforementioned covers before, and they’re actually pretty good.

On a related note, tomorrow I’ll be premiering a downloadable track and a full stream of the Midgetmen’s cover of Dare To Be Stupid!  Be sure to drop by and check it out.

The Midgetmen play the Yellow Stage on Friday at 11:50am.

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