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Movie Breakdown: The Angry Birds Movie

May 17, 2016


Pre-Screening Stance:

Years and years ago I was pretty addicted to the Angry Birds game.  Then it drifted from my mind and I haven’t actively thought about it since.  I assume that most of you are in the same boat?  Either way, I expect that the movie will either be a nail in the coffin for the franchise, or it’ll reinvigorate it.

Post-Screening Ramble:

Everything you’re expecting (if you’re expecting anything, that is) is present in The Angry Birds Movie.  There are angry birds, shifty pigs and various bits of lore to help fluff the movie and convince you that the video game franchise is deserving of a feature-length film.  Unfortunately, that’s about all there is to The Angry Birds Movie.  If you’re thinking “well, shouldn’t The Angry Birds Movie be fully based on the Angry Birds game”, then know that I agree.  I just think that adding in some other elements – clever jokes, memorable characters, a good story – would have been a solid move, and the fact of the matter is that The Angry Birds Movie skimps on these items in favor of simply hoping you’ll buy into the film based on how often it references the game.  I need and want more!

The Angry Birds Movie isn’t terrible, it’s just really mediocre.  Unless you have a small child that really wants to see it or you just happen to be obsessed with the game, then I don’t see any reason why you should seek it out this weekend.  You’d be much better off spending time with Zootopia, 2016′s best animated film (so far).

One Last Thought:

Will there be a new Angry Birds game based on the Angry Birds film that was based on the original Angry Birds game?  I hope not.  Such a thing may end the world immediately.

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