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Happy Metal Fun Time (Chuck)

July 3, 2013


As our country celebrates its birth this week, I am doing the most American thing possible, taking the easy way out. I thought about doing all kinds of heady thought metal for the controversies surrounding recent SCOTUS decisions, and the way our rights are being taken from us every day, maybe a medley of bands with members who have pierced the veil, or even something about love and relationships, but all that required thought above a third grade level, and I don’t have that energy this time of year. I am thinking of beer, boobs and ‘Merica

So with that in mind I put together some of my favorite American Metal songs for you to jam out with over the holiday weekend, and doing that other cherished pastime in the USA, pissing off other people. Enjoy your rash consumerism, lack of coherent thought and flailing democracy whilst these epic tunes bludgeon your skull, Happy Independence Day!

:Anthrax – Antisocial:
:Soilent Green – Lovesick:
:Cannibal Corpse – Force Fed Broken Glass:
:Slipknot – The Heretic Anthem:
:Death – Within The Mind:
:Slayer – Disciple:
:Lamb of God – Blood of the Scribe:
:Psychostick – BEER:
:Mastodon – Blood And Thunder:
:Pantera – Psycho Holiday:
:Megadeth – Train Of Consequences:
:Morbid Angel – Suffocation:
:Metallica – Motorbreath:

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