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Quickdraw: Wavves, Mac DeMarco, Reservations, Advance Base, Chvrches

July 20, 2015


Music!  Enjoy.

:Wavves – Way Too Much:  I don’t believe Wavves have ever sounded as accessible as they do here.  I like it.  Unfortunately, band main-brain Nathan Williams seems to be having issues with Warner Bros, so who knows when a new album will be out.

:Mac DeMarco – I’ve Been Waiting For Her:  I haven’t been able to get enough of this Mac DeMarco track.  It’s so very relaxed and charming.  Another One is due out August 7 via Captured Tracks.  See him at Stubb’s on October 20.

:Reservations – Planet:  Jana Horn, Paul Price (Good Field) and Jason Baczynski (Tacks, The Boy Disaster) are Austin’s own Reservations, and this somber single is off of their new album, Taking Time, which is due out this Friday.  I’m excited to check it out.

:Advance Base – Pamela:  Here’s the latest melancholic effort from Owen Ashworth (aka Advance Base).  I’m pretty certain he could softly sing names off a list and I’d be into it.  Nephew In The Wild is due out August 21 via Orindal Records/Tomlab.

:Chvrches – Leave A Trace:  If I didn’t know any better, I’d think that this new one from Chvrches was off of their debut LP.  But it’s not.  It definitely just got released.  The band is just barreling forward with what has clearly worked for them, and that’s fine with me.  Every Open Eye is due out September 25 via Glassnote.

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Quickdraw: Advance Base, Oberhofer, Slow And Steady, Tearjerker, Caspian

July 6, 2015


Music!  Enjoy.

:Advance Base – Trisha Please Come Home:  I miss Casiotone For The Painfully Alone, but at least Owen Ashworth is still making music as Advance Base.  This beautiful, melancholic track is the first single off of Nephew In The Wild, which is due out August 21 via Orindal.  By the way, you can actually see Advance Base at Cheer Up Charlie’s tomorrow.

:Oberhofer – White Horse, Black River:  This track has quickly become one of my overall favorites by Oberhofer.  It’s super catchy, and I particularly like how there’s a real sense of urgency in how it moves.  Chronovision is due out August 21 via Glassnote.

:Slow And Steady – Watching Life Go By:  “Slow and Steady’s debut is somber, but it’s by no means miserable.”  I think we’ll see about that, Mr. Press Release Writer.  This song totally screams otherwise.   In Time We Belong is due out August 14 via Broken Circles.

:Tearjerker – Perfect:  Tearjerker and their new LP seem to be flying under the radar a bit, and they really shouldn’t be.  I think they’re about to put out something that could be one of the year’s more interesting efforts.  The band will release Stay Wild themselves on July 17.

:Caspian – Sad Heart Of Mine:  For those of you with brains that can’t process words after the long holiday weekend, here’s a new one from instrumental vets Caspian.  Toss on some headphones and get lost in their gorgeous track.  Dust And Disquiet is due out September 25 via Triple Crown Records.

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Advance Base

April 23, 2013


It was a bummer when Owen Ashworth decided to put Casiotone For The Painfully Alone to rest, but at least he’s still making music as Advance Base.  Last year he released an album titled A Shut-In’s Prayer, and now he has an EP, The World Is In A Bad Fix Everywhere, that’s a collection of Washington Phillips covers.  It’s due out June 25 via Orindal.  Enjoy.

:Advance Base – Mother’s Last Words To Her Son (Washington Phillips Cover):  Beauty through simplicity.  That’s just the only way to describe this song.

Bonus Videos:

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