Happy Metal Fun Time (Chuck)

March 9, 2018


March is the month of SXSW and the past few years there’s been a groundswell of metal at the festival, but this year it appears we have struck a new low for the genre. Essentially metal has been reduced to a blip, one comedy in the film portion, two showcases, one with local acts and a couple with touring bands, but really nothing compared to years past. Labels, festivals and gatherings have all but dried up. Now many are sweating this and saying that we have a problem, but I will affirm that the genre is good, we have a lot of stuff going on right now, so the low tide is fine, the sky isn’t falling. SXSW 2018 is bleak, but I the tours surrounding it have been stellar … so with that I will give you the short list of Metal for SX this year. Enjoy?

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