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March 12, 2018


Just a heads up, this is probably going to be the site’s only post this week.  Noah may chime in with a film review or two, but otherwise I’ll see you on the streets for SXSW.

Now, onto the latest 101X Homegrown!  I included tunes from each of the bands playing the 101X Homegrown Day Party this Friday, March 16 at Buffalo Billiards – that’s Ume, Caroline Says, Marmalakes, Mobley, Palo Duro and Fort Never!  I also dropped in new stuff from Lola Tried, Ty Richards, Feverbones, Jess Williamson, Devan Mulvaney and Single Lash.  Enjoy.

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Ume – Too Big World
(NEW) Lola Tried – Bummertown
(NEW) Ty Richards – Killjoy
(NEW) Feverbones – Sight Inside
(NEW) Jess Williamson – I See The White
Marmalakes – Not Gonna Control You
Caroline Says – Sweet Home Alabama
(NEW) Devan Mulvaney – Into The Woods
(NEW) Mobley – Selfsame
Fort Never – Fly High
Palo Duro – True Fade
(NEW) Single Lash – Insect Hell

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