Happy Metal Fun Time (Chuck)

February 9, 2018


Last year was kind of a shoddy year for the heavy tunes, and I know that many metalheads will chime in quickly with their favorite underground whatever crap that they found on Bandcamp that no one else knows about, but stop for one second and be honest with yourself … say it out loud with me, “My music sucks.” Just admit it, no one cares about the unsigned Scandinavian whirlwind death metal you read about on the internet. If there is one thing I will take pride in, I am not trying to pose as some astute metal elitist asshole who know the intricacies of every genre, what I know is what people, the aggregate people, enjoy listening to whether they are willing to admit it or not. If you notice many of my lists are all over the place in metal style, and that’s because they are all equally as good, just different in their approach to the 12 notes. So this month is a list of brand new tunes, and you can like em or not … you’re wrong.

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