Hip Hop Hooray (Leah)

October 27, 2017


That spookiest of times is upon us – a time when goblins and ghouls stop poppin’ trunks, and instead pop treats! That’s right! It’s novelty hip-hop holiday Halloween! Congrats on making it this far through one very terrifying 2017.  As your reward, hit play on the mix below and feel your heart quiver in fear and your brain seize up with the scary rhymes of Halloween novelty hip-hop.

As an extra special gift, here are the Halloween hip-hop puns we’ve come up with, with the help of listeners and oft-co-host DJ Grossyall (don’t miss Hip Hop Hooray this Sunday for the best in Holla-ween hip hop live and on air on KOOP 91.7FM at 2PM):

Big Pun-kin
Combination Pizza Hut and Taco Bella Lugosi
Un-living Legends
Un-Dead Prez.
Sir trix and treatz a lot!Count Drake-U-La!
Edgar Allen Po-Po!
Spook Dog!
The BOO-Tang Clan
Mos Death!
Don’t forget BOO-54Ghoolly D
The Boogees
Ba-Boo Blakes
Gin and Boos
Ghost Def
Grandmaster SLASH.
Boo $hort
“Boo Wop (The Thing)” by Lauryn Kill
Del the Spooky Homosapien
The Boo-Tang Clan
Cypress Kill
Sugarkill Gang – Rapper’s Decapitiation
Big Daddy Gein
Lauryn Silent Hill
A Tribe Killed Quest
“I’ve got 99 problems but a witch ain’t one”

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