Movie Breakdown: IT

September 6, 2017


Pre-Screening Stance:

I’m not a fan of Andy Muschietti’s Mama (ha!), but I’ve been really digging the look and feel of his IT.  Also, my girlfriend has read the book twice this year, so I’ve got her hype driving me as well.  Here’s hoping it doesn’t disappoint.

Post-Screening Ramble:

IT isn’t so much Stephen King’s IT as much as it’s a horror film with an IT theme.  The kids are all present, there’s an evil force that looks like a clown, and the story takes place in Derry, but that’s about it in the grand scheme of things.  This means that you should NOT go into the film expecting lots of character development and back story and heady King elements from the book.  Instead, you should go into it ready to be scared.  Pennywise (Bill Skarsgard) is absolutely frightening, and it’s not just because of his glowing eyes or gross teeth – it’s really due to him being everywhere.  Director Andy Muschietti doesn’t hide Pennywise or occasionally roll him out for a jump scare.  Nope, he tosses him out there right from the start, and then those kids (and you, to be fair) just can’t get away from that fucking clown.  Every dark corner/nook/whatever, he’s there, lurking and ready to feed.  It sucks, man … but in an awesome way.

I don’t want to just praise Skarsgard’s instant-classic portrayal of Pennywise though, as the kids in the film really are great.  Jaeden Lieberher is stellar as the stuttery but strong Bill, Finn Wolfhard’s Richie is trash-talking perfection, Jack Dylan Grazer’s hyper-worried Eddie is fantastic, Jeremy Ray Taylor’s take on Ben is charming, and Sophia Lillis knocks it out of the park as Beverly.  There’s also others in play (Wyatt Oleff as Stan, Chosen Jacobs as Mike, Nicholas Hamilton as Bowers), but none of them are particularly notable since they just simply have less to do.  This is the film’s main issue issue – there are too many characters, and it somewhat stifles the story.  Personally, I think one of the movie’s three screenwriters should have considered combining Eddie with Stan and Ben with Mike.  This would have allowed enough extra screen time for certain details to shine brighter (like Pennywise’s influence on the weak) and to make the third act feel less rushed.  Maybe the inevitable sequel will be better at incorporating everyone?

Regardless of my nitpicky things, you have to go see IT.  The film is legit scary.  Just be sure to check your expectations if you’re a fan of the book.

One Last Thought:

It’s been roughly 20 hours since I saw this movie, and I’m still a little worried that Pennywise is going to jump out and try to eat some part of me.  I genuinely can’t remember the last time that a horror film affected me in this way.

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