Hip Hop Hooray (Leah)

September 29, 2017


How nice of you to stop by in between debating how the NFL got linked with the military, donating to Puerto Rico, Houston, Florida, and Mexico, and wondering how our government is going to be embroiled in scandal next week!  Sometimes it feels like the apocalypse is speedily on its way to our door, which is a great time to sit back, bump some tunes, crack open a cold one, contemplate the impending end of human life as we know it, and look forward to the weekend.  I made this mix for you – maybe the only one on the internet that stretches from Open Mike Eagle (who released a stellar album this week) all the way to Cardi B – and it roughly goes from more mellow to more turnt, so I hope you enjoy the build up to the end of your week. Happy Friday!

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