The National

May 22, 2017


The National have always existed in a sort of gray area for me.  Sometimes I really dig what they’re doing, other times I don’t.  Currently, I’m all about their driving new single (that I took forever to listen to because of the aforementioned stuff).  Here’s hoping there’s more of the same on their upcoming album, Sleep Well Beast, which is due September 8 via 4AD.  Enjoy.


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  1. Jay Says:

    I hear you re gray area. I can love them – Apartment Story is an all-time Top 25 most played on iTunes; Bloodbuzz, Terrible Love, and England are terrific; but I thought most of “Trouble Will Find Me” was pretentious and half-baked (“Don’t Swallow the Cap” and “I Should Live in Salt” as titles?). This track is a zillion times better than anything on that disc.

    Now if they would only claim to be from Cincinnati where they grew up instead of that hipster heaven, Brooklyn, all would be OK. I find it irksome that they disavow the Queen City.


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