Happy Metal Fun Time (Chuck)

May 12, 2017


April brought more than just showers for this old metal man, the personal ups and downs have taken a toll on my psyche. In a matter of weeks I have gone from the highest highs to the lowest lows. The lows brought about the end of my Metal show on its home of the last dozen years, that’s right I got cancelled. Anyone who knows me, knows how important to me NO CONTROL Radio has been to me over the years, it was my opportunity to bring people new tunes, play local bands and feature the best in metal every single week. The last few years the station that I homed us for all those years has changed to a softer more palatable approach and Metal just didn’t fit.

Luckily at the last moment we were able to find a spot on our sister station KLBJ FM and look to rise from the ashes coming in June! I would slot this into the ‘highs’ column, as it will be a better match musically, and hopefully can make us grow even larger in the coming years! if you want to take a look, and also listen to our 24/7 stream as well…so thank you for indulging my whine, so the list this month is all the new tunes I would be playing, but don’t have a show to do it on…yet!

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