Land Of Talk

April 13, 2017


I loved the first Land Of Talk single, then slightly side-eyed the second one, and now I’m adoring the third tune off of the act’s upcoming album, Life After Youth.  I guess this means there’s currently a 66% chance that I’m going to dig the new LP?  Guess we’ll find out how the cookie crumbles when it gets released on May 19 via Saddle Creek.  Enjoy.

PS – Today’s track features (and was co-written by) Sharon Van Etten.  Neat!

One Response to “Land Of Talk”

  1. Jay Says:

    A little Sharon Van Etten usually goes a long way. This is the exception. Big thumbs up.

    BTW, I am primed for the ACT after all the math quizzes on the Captchkas this morning. :) Happy Easter.


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