Happy Metal Fun Time (Chuck)

April 7, 2017


I had thought about doing Christian metal this month for Easter, then I thought about war music since we are bombing the Middle East again, but ultimately I have a ton of really excellent new tunes that I haven’t featured so far this year and since I waited till the last minute to put this month’s list together, it comes down to my own laziness and lack of creativity. I know, I should blow smoke up your ass and frame it as something else, but if metal represents (or should represent anything) it’s honesty in what we say and portray, so no bullshitting you about my playlists, Ever!

It has been a relatively quiet year so far, at least for decent metal releases, but rather than quantity, the quality of what has been hitting the shelves lately reaches new heights for the genre. Some stretching the boundaries of what we know as metal, others nestle into the finer aspects of defined genres. This month you get the music of 2017 that represents a little bit of both, enjoy!

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