Happy Metal Fun Time (Chuck)

March 10, 2017


March in Austin, Texas means only one thing, SXSW. While the rest of the country is absorbed by Spring Break or something like that, we are inundated by music industry professionals every year to do their own version of it, the gauntlet of 20 hours straight drinking, and attempting to eat one of every taco in the city appeals to all sorts of fun people from around the globe.

2017 feels different than years past, especially for the metal people who want to attend. Our genre was well represented a decade ago with day parties, night parties, overnight parties, and more parties with metal bands of all stripes, but this year it was a struggle to fill this list. Honestly, the bands I have listed here are almost EVERY noteworthy metal band playing the conference, or in town next week. Why you ask? I don’t have an answer for you really, other than this industry comes down to ROI, return on investment. Is it worth it for bands to play SXSW, and my guess the answer right now it’s not really cost effective…but with that said, maybe a little smaller, focused fest is what we all need right now!

So check out the jams and maybe see you on the streets next week, if it’s metal, I’ll be there…

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