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January 11, 2017


There are quite a few local shows happening this week that are either free or very cheap, and that’s awesome.  You should go to as many as you can!  If, however, you’d like to see a different set of faces, then I say jump to Sidewinder on Saturday for American Wrestlers, who are out of St. Louis.  The band just recently released their sophomore effort, Goodbye Terrible Youth, and it’s a totally solid set of indie pop/rock tunes.  Should be a good show!  Be there.

Tix are $12NE-HI and Commander Keen will open.

BONUS Show Recommendations:

- Growl, Chancellor, Plastique, The Midgetmen, Dream Home at Barracuda
- Sailor Poon, Giant Kitty, Party Girl at Hotel Vegas
- Lord Buffalo, The Lonesome Heroes, Go Fever, Children of Pop, Ooni, Jerk at Cheer Up Charlies

- Hardproof at Waterloo Records
- Flesh Lights, Otis the Destroyer, Stilleto Feels, Midriff at Barracuda
- Dillo Milk, Basketball Shorts, Prom Threat, Oozer, Super Thief at Hotel Vegas
- Black Books, Megafauna, Residual Kid, Zettajoule, Hours Quiet, Count Nebula at Empire Control Room
- Mama K and the Shades, Kev Bev & The Woodlawn Creatures, Lowin, Girling at Stubb’s

- Riverboat Gamblers, Peelander Z, Eastside Suicides, City Life at Barracuda
- Annabelle Chairlegs, Deep Time, Mean Jolene, Ttotals, Diamond Center at Hotel Vegas
- The Devil Makes Three, Lost Dog Street Band, Ditrani Brothers at Emo’s
- Hard Proof at Antone’s

- Scorpion Child, Eagle Claw, OMGWTFBBQ, Megafauna, Suckling at Barracuda
- Summer Salt, Big Bill, Upper Deck Pets, The Villas at Hotel Vegas
- The Midnight Stroll, Tinnarose, Slomo Drags, The Halfways at Stubb’s
- Shivery Shakes, Go Fever at Austin Beer Garden Brewing Co.
- Eric Tessmer, Quaker City Nighthawks at the Continental Club

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