Happy Metal Fun Time (Chuck)

September 9, 2016


Once Summer ends for many it feels like back to the grind, but for metal folks this is when things start to feel right. Personally, I don’t feel right with that much sunshine and happiness, I yearn for the dark, the short days and long nights, the chill on the wind and the sounds of metal and horror. It all begins this month and you can see it with the releases that have been cropping up.

The last few months have offered a few gems here and there, but as we approach the Fall it starts to be a struggle to keep up with some of the latest releases. Not working to find the best music, it just lands right in your lap, and if it hasn’t yet, let my offering to you this month provide a guide for just the last couple of weeks of metal and the albums that will be coming out soon. Truly a great year so far, but its last months hold even more promise, so enjoy!

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