Raised Eyebrows: Top 50 Records Of 2016 – So Far (Randy)

August 12, 2016


2016 has been a RAD year for new music. Maybe the best we’ve seen this century. With several months still left to go and a TON of wonderful records still to be released, I thought it’d be good to play catch up with the wonder that’s happened already.

50. Body Awareness – Evening Raga

One half of Skeppet. Late night wanderings.

49. Sam Moss – Fable

Gentle folk jams from the kinda-legendary Boston dude.

48. Dave McDonnell Group – Eidetic

Far out post-jazz from the former Chicagoan.

47. Marissa Nadler – Strangers

A lovely record with a voice you can just get lost in.

46. Joan Jeanrenaud – Visual Music

Modern classical does not get much better.

45. Paul Menska – Travel Memoirs

Absolutely stunning synth workouts.

44. Anenon – Petrol

One of the best ambient releases this year.

43. Qluster – Echtzeit

Roedelius does not ever disappoint.

42. Federico Durand – A Traves Del Espejo

A grower, but man does this hit hard when it hits.

41. C. Joynes/Nick Jonah Davis – Split Electric

Really great solo electric guitar workouts in here.

40. Chris Abrahams – Fluid to the Influence

Thoughtful modernism from a member of The Necks.

39. Ben Lukas Boysen – Spells

Between his two 2016 releases, Spells is the winner. Cinematic is an understatement.

38. TSU! – Dadebe

Charming ragas from Istanbul.

37. Orchestra of Spheres – Brothers and Sisters of the Black Lagoon

Weird as fuck and totally amazing.

36. Kikagaku Moyo – House in the Tall Grass

Japanese psych rock. Kinda like a fried candy bar.

35. Horse Lords – Interventions

Mind-bending meditational math rock.

34. FOG- For Good

Welcome back Andrew Broder!

33. Spacin’- Total Freedom

Cutting-edge classic rock.


Fusion jazz for millennials.

31. The Greg Foat Group – Cityscapes/Landscapes

Stunning jazz from one of the best modern groups going.

30. Jeff Parker – The New Breed

Member of Tortoise since 1998. Beat-oriented spiritual jazz.

29. Spray Paint – Feel The Clamps

Austin, TX dudes! Absolutely gnarled.

28. Deerhoof – The Magic

A great American band turns in another great record.

27. Gunter Schlienz – Augenblicke

Totally amazing release. Full of ZEN.

26. AF Ursin – Aura Legato (Reissue)

Reissue of 2005 release. Completely peaceful journey.

25. Nap Eyes – Thought Rock Fish Scale

Recorded live to tape with no overdubs. They pull it off!

24. Chris Cohen – As If Apart

His first in 4 years and it does not disappoint.

23. Parquet Courts – Human Performance

These guys ebb and flow. This one FLOWS.

22. Khun Narin – II

Thai psych cranked out of a handmade traveling sound system.

21. Terry Allen – Juarez (Reissue)

Terry Allen is a fucking genius.

20. Fred Locks & Brizion – Roll Call

One of the best reggae tracks to come out this year.

19. Sidestepper – Supernatural Love

Their first album in close to a decade. Lovely Caribbean jams.

18. Fatou Seidi Ghali & Alamnou Akrouni – Les Filles de Illighadad

Recorded in the open air of Niger. Charming and chilling Tuareg.

17. Tim Hecker – Love Streams

The Brian Eno of this century.

16. Julianna Barwick – Will

This album is another grower but once it sinks in, its power can’t be denied.

15. Cian Nugent – Night Fiction

Nugent moves to the most song-oriented material of his career and it’s RAD.

14. Thousand Foot Whale Claw – Cosmic Winds

This one has been in constant rotation. Hits all the chakra points.

13. Cross Record – Wabi~Sabi

Emily and Dan are amazing. They did it up on this one. Oh man!

12. Daniel Markham – Disintegrator

Markham’s finest record to date.

11. Marisa Anderson – Into The Light

The sequel to Bruce Langhorne’s The Hired Hand.

10. Cavern of Anti-Matter – void beats/invocation trex

Ex-Stereolab member makes an all out krautrock record!

9. Car Seat Headrest – Teens of Denial

Though a total downer, this record is undeniable. There hasn’t been a full-on rock record this good since Light Up Gold.

8. Tortoise – The Catastrophist

Great Chicago band makes another great record! Their first in 7 years.

7. William Tyler – Modern Country

In order to “Make America Great Again”, just listen to this record.

6. Stephen Steinbrink – Anagrams

Easily the best pop/songwriter to come out this year.

5. Heron Oblivion – S/T

Smouldering psych from members of Espers and Sunburned Hand of The Man

4. The Skiffle Players – Skifflin’

Cass McCombs and members of Beachwood Sparks do their best Dead interpretations to songs both old and new. So Good!!

3. Trad Gras Och Stenar – Box Set
Extraterrestrial outer limits band from Sweden. DO NOT MISS THIS!

2. Steve Gunn – Eyes on the Lines

Probably the most pleasing record of 2016. A perfect ending to an incredible trilogy of songwriter LPs by one of the greatest artists going right now.

1. 75 Dollar Bill – Wood/Metal/Plastic/Pattern/Rhythm/Rock



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