Movie Breakdown: Jason Bourne

July 27, 2016


Pre-Screening Stance:

The Bourne Trilogy is pretty damn great.  The Bourne Legacy isn’t terrible, but I can’t say I’ve ever really wanted to revisit it.  As for Jason Bourne, I want it to be good, but if it isn’t, I’ll just treat it like I do its aforementioned semi-sequel and pretend it doesn’t exist.  Easy come, easy go!

Post-Screening Ramble:

Like pretty much every other major film that’s rolled out this summer (it hasn’t really been a great one, has it?), your approval or disapproval of Jason Bourne is going to be dependent on what sort of film you’re expecting.  If you’re simply down to see some familiar characters doing some espionage-type things, then you’ll probably be into it.  If you’re wanting a worthy entry into the Bourne series that expands the original story or at least starts an interesting new thread for the character, then the film may disappoint you.

To me, The Bourne Trilogy’s greatness stems from 1) Bourne being a great character and 2) The way each entry in it is essentially a chase film with spy elements.  The poor, goodhearted Bourne is on the run and he’s trying to figure out his past.  And there’s satellites and laptops!  Ah!  Jason Bourne, for whatever reason, alters this formula.  There’s definitely some chasing (the scene in Las Vegas is particularly exciting) and a mystery (albeit a lazy one) for Bourne to solve, but overall the film puts Bourne, his plight and his muscles in a corner while it focuses more on its various CIA characters.  Each of the shady figures have their own sneaky agendas (career advancement, internet policing, etc), and Bourne simply serves as a device that moves their plots along.  Yes, that’s right, the movie may be called Jason Bourne, but its titular character is practically a sub plot.  Go figure.

As I said up above, if you just want a spy flick with some action here and there, then see Jason Bourne.  Those of you hoping for more though should just wait and catch it on the small screen.

One Last Thought:

Alicia Viklander is the best part of of Jason Bourne.  She’s such an alluring presence on the screen.  On another note, I hope her Tomb Raider movie doesn’t suck.


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