The Lovely Sparrows

June 16, 2016


My longtime pal Shawn Jones has finally (and when I say finally, I mean FINALLY) reignited things with The Lovely Sparrows, and I’m oh-so-excited about it.  Believe or not, but myself, SOTO and The Lovely Sparrows have been connected for roughly a decade.  That’s some serious history!  Also, it makes me feel old when I note things like that.  In any case, the Austin-based act just put out a free compilation called Hermetic Recordings – Songs: 2004-2016, and then later this year they’ll be releasing a full length.  You can check out a stellar new one down below.  Just so you know, it’s both on the comp and is the title track/first single off of their impending LP.  Enjoy.

:The Lovely Sparrows – Shake The Shadow:

Bonus Videos:


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  1. Jay Says:

    10 years makes you feel old? I could only wish.

    I e-mailed my college roommate after I heard a General Public song we both like twice in one weekend. I got depressed when I acknowledged I first heard that song 31 years ago. Of course, that makes the Lemonheads tracks we were reminiscing about from 24 years ago seem contemporary. Time flies and music is the constant reminder that we are not as young as we believe.



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