Happy Metal Fun Time (Chuck)

April 1, 2016


You must realize by now that today is April Fool’s Day, and if you didn’t, you’re welcome. Before you ‘Love’ that post your buddy puts up about Donald Trump dropping out of the race or the friend request from your crush in high school gets you in catfish hell with your spouse, know this – IT’S ALL FAKE, as if it isn’t most of the time anyway. So instead of getting all tricksy with you this month, it’s time to be honest, and you can decide if this is a troll, or if in fact it is true, like it matters anyway.

I may be the most metal person many people know, especially when it come to my tunes, hence the reason I am on this page in the first place, but alongside my deeply embedded vein of metal lies a dark secret – A capella. To be specific, barbershop music has been and still is one of my favorite things in this world. I recently started singing again after too many years away, but when the hair on my neck stood up after that first chord I was hooked like I first was at fourteen. Whether you believe me or not, I put together a playlist of some of my favorite pieces, not even close to metal, or cool for that matter … but these are my jams.

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