Calliope Musicals (Single Premiere)

February 4, 2016


It’s Thursday, and I imagine that you’re probably feeling a bit exhausted by whatever the hell this week has thrown at you.  I get it.  Life is hard and stuff.  Don’t fret though, today SOTO has the premiere of Calliope Musicals‘ new single, and it’s such a wonderfully pleasant pop effort that I’m certain it’ll provide enough pep in your step to get you to the weekend.  Enjoy.

The self-described “psychedelic-party folk” band from Austin will release their debut full length, Time Owes You Nothing, on April 15.  Their album release party will be the same day at Central Presbyterian Church.

3 Responses to “Calliope Musicals (Single Premiere)”

  1. Melinda Petree Says:

    So proud of you all!!!! Find myself dancing around my living room!! & so will everyone else!!! If I only had some confetti!!


  2. Barbara Manzer Says:

    I absolutely love their sound. Uplifting, it is. The sound takes me back to my youth. The 70′s!


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