Happy Metal Fun Time (Chuck)

October 2, 2015


It’s that time where we get to examine the upcoming festivals for all of you who are into that sort of thing. I know that ACL starts today, and I don’t particularly care. They don’t do a thing with metal and probably never will, though they did add a Danzig show in the middle of the week, but I think that was a middle finger to this other fest coming up in November. Fun Fun Fun Fest is without a doubt the only outdoor festival that I can stomach for more than 20 minutes. Not simply because of the bands, but as I have said before, the people who attend FFF can typically be found at a club any given night partaking in live music as part of their regular culture.

This year’s FFF fest lineup has fewer metal bands than they ever have had on the Black Stage and even the FFF Nites leaves little to offer those of us who love the harder side of life, but still there are some worthy acts like Venom in their only US performance, Converge, L7, Mayhem, Rotting Christ and locals Power Trip and American Sharks. So turn this playlist up as you Uber all those douches from ACL fest, they won’t know what hit em …

:Venom – Don’t Burn The Witch:
:American Sharks – Curse:
:Skinny Puppy – Knowhere:
:Converge – Heaven In Her Arms:
:Rotting Christ – Enuma Elish:
:L7 – Shitlist:
:Power Trip – Conditioned To Death:
:Mayhem – Funeral Fog:
:Mutoid Man – Sweet Ivy:
:Watain – Storm of the Antichrist:

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