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Hip Hop Hooray (Leah)

October 30, 2015


Hey all you Halloweeners! Hope you have the spookiest holiday ad enjoy this hip hop Halloween mix!

:Dr. Dre – Murder Ink Instrumental:
:Run DMC – It’s Tricky:
:Binary Star – Wolf Man Jack:
:MC Chris – Halloween:
:Doug E. Fresh – Spirit:
:Ill Gill and TG – Halloween Costume:
:Run DMC – Ghostbusters:
:Felt – Ghost Dance Deluxe:
:People Under the Stairs – Carried Away:
:MC Esoteric – Zombie Combat:
:Geto Boys – Mind Playing Tricks on Me:
:DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince – Nightmare on My Street:
:Braille – Frankenstein:
:DJ Snyder – Monstrous:
:Swollen Members – Odd Goblins:
:Foggy Fresh – Halloween:
:Cousin Fik ft. Droop-E – I am a Vampire:
:Bone Thugs-N-Harmony – Hell Sent:
:Ras Kass – Interview with a Vampire:
:Da’Shade Moonbeam – They Are Coming:

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Movie Breakdown: Burnt (Noah)

October 30, 2015


The Impression:

This film used to be called Adam Jones and just featured Bradley Cooper standing against a white background on the poster. I thought it was just a senior picture for his pseudonym but it turns out that’s a film about an alcoholic chef going for his third Michelin star. So, yeah, maybe?

The Reality:

Burnt is a strange film, a film that wants so badly not to fit into the formula “comeback” films so often fit into, but invariably does just that. Bradley Cooper plays Adam Jones, a once famous chef who’s fallen on hard times, but now, with a team of misfits underneath him, he’s back to get his 3rd Michelin star. It’s a beautifully put together film, Wells and his team take high-end cooking’s beauty to the max, and there’s moments where it’s a just a cornucopia of food porn that, as an immense lover of filmed food programs, I found delightful. On the story side of things, this is exactly the film you’d think of when you think of a film about a chef trying to get back in the game. You watch Adam Cooper gather his team, set-up his kitchen, display his charming-but-monstrous personality (and Cooper really goes for it in the scenes of anger), all the while battling against the demons that originally shackled him. And, as these films go, somewhere in the third act, things go wrong and as much as you want to think that John Wells is going to flip the script on you, well, he doesn’t. Things fall apart, things get better, so on and so forth. To Wells credit though, this is a film rooted in realism. It doesn’t play to big moments, but rests on the shoulders of Cooper’s portrayal, as well as the strangely ethereal, time-bending quality of the editing. At times it works, at times it feels flat, but when the film ends (and it ends in a beautiful anti-climax that will trick viewers into thinking this is a better film than it is) you’ll walk away sated. You’ll walk away with the satisfaction of a pretty good movie done pretty well. And, honestly, in these days of every film swinging for the bleachers, it’s nice to just sit and enjoy one that tries just hard enough.

The Lesson:

Michael Rhys everybody, Jesus, this guy should be in everything.

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Raised Eyebrows: Halloween Blues (Randy)

October 29, 2015


In lieu of Halloween, I thought I’d put something together to jam for your Halloween festivities. I’m not a big Halloween fan, but I do really enjoy the idea of human beings entertaining the idea of wolfmen and witches. I also dig a good murder ballad and/or psychotic country song. What that says about me … I’m not sure, but maybe it means I dig on Halloween more than I think. This playlist is changing lives already.

Round Robin – I’m The Wolfman (Thanks to Mike Buck who jammed this on Blue Monday on 10/26/15, Sun Radio 100.1)

The Sonics – The Witch (Was reminded of this on Elk Mating Ritual, 91.7 KOOP.)

Howlin Wolf – Evil (The man’s name alone is enough for anything relating to Halloween.)

Terry Allen – The Wolfman of Del Rio (Fort Worth’s greatest treasure.)

Michael Hurley – Werewolf (Snock truly understands the wolfman.)

The Kossoy Sisters – Poor Ellen Smith (A rad murder ballad complete with blood stained lyrics.)

Roky Erickson – I Walked with a Zombie (Halloween is Roky time.)

The Rolling Stones – Too Much Blood (A disco song about blood.)

Porter Wagoner – The Rubber Room (A country song about a man inside an asylum – dig the slapback!)

Eddie Noack – Psycho (Leon Payne’s outrageous classic.)

Neil Young – Vampire Blues (A spooky Shakey number.)

Warren Zevon – Werewolves of London – Live (Warren talks about the werewolf looking to murder James Taylor – nuff said.)


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Jeff The Brotherhood

October 29, 2015


You don’t know it yet, but all that’s missing in your life today is Jeff The Brotherhood doing a nine and half minute version of Mazzy Star’s Mary of Silence that’s just sludgy and psychedelic enough to make the Earth feel like it’s spinning slower.  Hear it below.  Enjoy.

:Jeff The Brotherhood – Mary of Silence (Mazzy Star Cover):

Global Chakra Rhythms is due out November 13 via from Infinity Cat Recordings.

Bonus Video:

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Show Of The Week

October 28, 2015


It’s Halloween weekend, so I’m assuming most of you have a litany of house parties that you’ll be attending while dressed up as your favorite superhero or blogger.  That’s fair.  However, if you decide you want to spend some prime costumed-time downtown, head to Cheer Up Charlie’s on Friday for the record release party that the wonderfully experimental Shmu is having.  There are a ton of great bands on the bill – Botany, Calliope Musicals, Alex Napping, Feverbones, Gloves Collective, New Fumes, Total Unicorn, Karla Nightblooms, Party Plants – and it’s only a $5 suggested donation.  Plus, if you RSVP you’ll get a free CD or download of Shmu’s new album, Shhh!!!!.  That’s a steal, my friends.  Do it.

More shows!

- Django Django, Wild Belle at the Mohawk
- Mastodon, Clutch, Corrosion of Conformity at the Austin Music Hall
- Residual Kid, The Ancient Gods, Dead Sally at The Sidewinder

- Basketball Shorts, New China, Oozer, Mean Jolene at Trailer Space
- Sweet Spirit, Crushed Out, Major Major Major at Hotel Vegas
- Otis the Destroyer, MCG, Ghostbunny, The Bravo at The Sidewinder
- Oddisee, Good Company, Magna Carda at Empire Control Room
- Rose Selavy, Loafer at the Mohawk
- The Eastern Sea, Bee Caves, SAFIA at the Scoot Inn

- Coathangers, Nobunny, Birth Defects, OBN III’s at The Sidewinder
- Shmu, Botany, New Fumes, Total Unicorn, Karla Nightblooms, Alex Napping, Feverbones, Gloves, Party Plants at Cheer Up Charlies
- Vintage Trouble, Latasha Lee at Emo’s
– Think No Think, Nilo Bronco, Pure Urges at the Scoot Inn

- Reptar, Holiday Mountain, Breathers at The Sidewinder
- Har Mar Superstar, Casual Strangers at Indian Roller Boutique Roadhouse
- Skylar Spence, Mark Redito at Stubb’s
- Salt-n-Pepa, , Golden Dawn Arkestra at ACL Live at the Moody Theater
- DIIV, No Joy, Sunflower Bean at the Mohawk
- Milezo, Tele Novella, Annabelle Chairlegs, Unknown Relatives, Pollen Rx, Slomo Drags at the Spiderhouse Ballroom
- White Ghost Shivers, Clyde & Clem’s Whiskey Business, Wild Bill & the Lost Knobs, Dave Insley’s Careless Smokers at the White Horse

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Club 8

October 27, 2015


20 years!  That’s how long Club 8 have been going.  I knew they were a thing before I jumped on their bandwagon in 2006-7-ish, but I didn’t realize they got their start all the way back in 1995.  I was in 7th grade!  Craziness.  Good on Johan Angergard and Karolina Komstedt for making it this long.  Their latest single awaits you below.  It’s a driving, dance-worthy effort.  Enjoy.

:Club 8 – Skin:

Pleasure is due out November 20 via Labrador.

Bonus Video:

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In Review: Fantastic Fest 2015

October 27, 2015


Yeah, I know that Fantastic Fest was a month ago and I should have knocked this out right after it ended, but I got bogged down by two weekends of ACL, general life shenanigans and a semi-failed attempt to dive deeper into the press screener library.  Sorry.  Better late than never though, right?  Below you’ll find thoughts on the 20 films I saw this year.  Take a look and make some notes, friends.

PS – Fantastic Fest is by far the best film-related thing I attend every year.  If you’ve never been and you love movies, you should seriously consider going in 2016.

The Lobster
Plot:  A man enters a home/community where he must find a new partner.  If he fails to do so, he will be turned into a lobster.

Thoughts:  I loved The Lobster.  Even now, all of this time later, I still have the film floating around in my head.  It features one of Colin Farrell’s best performances ever and is a dark, funny, smart, weird effort that’s as equally challenging as it entertaining.  I can’t wait to see it again.  On a related note, I need to seek out director Yorgos Lanthimos’s previous films.  I bet they’re good.

Plot:  Right before his wedding, a man discovers human remains in his backyard.  From there bizarre visions and other things set in.

Thoughts:  I really wanted to like Demon.  The film has some tense moments that are well done and the general story is interesting, but it just never really goes anywhere.  It steadily builds and hints at a lot of potentially neat bits, and then it sort of abruptly ends and leaves you hanging around with nothing in particular to show for your time.

The Wave
Plot:  A geologist and his family try to stay alive after a rock slide causes an enormous tsunami in the fjord where their town rests.

Thoughts:  Overall, The Wave is a pretty standard disaster flick.  There’s an expert, he warns everyone of certain doom, no one listens, certain doom arrives, heroic stuff happens.  I will say this about the film though, it starts slow and takes its time setting things up.  Most disaster movies want to get on with the destruction and mayhem, but much of The Wave is spent either detailing why tsunamis in Norway are such a threat or letting you get to know and like the family at the center of the story.  I’d watch it again.

The Keeping Room
Plot:  Three women try to protect themselves as the Civil War comes to a close.

Thoughts:  I wouldn’t call The Keeping Room a great film, but I liked it well enough.  There are too many unnecessarily dramatic moments and every member of the cast has a cardboard moment or three, but I appreciate that it attempted to show what it would be like for young women to try and stay alive in a war-torn land with scarce resources and no real rules.

April And The Extraordinary World
Plot:  An animated film set in an alternate version of France.  The world’s scientists have long been missing, so all of the available technology is based on steam.  The main character is a girl named April, who is searching for her parents.

Thoughts:  I found April And The Extraordinary World to be an incredibly charming film.  The animation style is super easy on the eyes, and I just adored every character that popped up on the screen.  Also, it has a third act that’s far too bonkers to not like.  You should see this one as soon as you can.

Plot:  Three different stories connect in a peculiar way.

Thoughts:  I spent much of Zoom wondering where it was going with its various story lines and art styles, and then when it finally got there I couldn’t help but shrug my shoulders.  Does it have some entertaining moments?  Yes.  Is it a waste of time?  No.  I think my issues with it largely stem from the fact that I never once took the characters seriously or ultimately cared how their separate-but-connected stories might end.  Oh well.  Alison Pill and Gael García Bernal seemed to be having a good time in it, which I guess counts for something.

Brand New Testament
Plot:  God’s daughter decides to run away from home in order to recruit disciples and write her own testament.

Thoughts:  I adored Brand New Testament.  If I were to rank out all of the films I saw at Fantastic Fest this year, it would be pretty close to the top.  It’s very much a more clever, funnier, darker, ballsier version of Dogma.  You have to see it.  By the way, Pili Groyne (she plays God’s daughter, Ea) is amazing in the film.  I hope she pops up in more stuff soon.

Plot:  After blacking out, a fella named Quinn wakes to find that his world has been turned upside down.

Thoughts:  It’s hard to say much about Follow without giving the whole damn thing away, so I’ll just note it’s a small film that does a great of job of steadily growing crazier and more manic with each passing scene.  I had a good bit of fun with it.

Plot:  A couple of girls spend winter break at their boarding school.  Things do not go well.

Thoughts:  I enjoyed February, but make no mistake, it is not a film for those who are either impatient or unwilling to pay attention to details.  It is a drab, cold, lonely movie that crawls along and slowly unveils its sinister story.  I admittedly had a moment (or maybe two) where I was ready to check out and do something else, but I’m happy I stuck with it.  Solid flick if you’re in the right mood/mindset.

The Witch
Plot:  A Puritan family in 17th century colonial New England move to their own homestead and then find themselves interlocked with something evil.

Thoughts:  Creepy and unflinching – that’s pretty much how I would describe The Witch.  It’s not a quick or flashy film – director Robert Eggers definitely lets a variety of evil happenings slowly permeate the family on display – but it’s so well paced and wonderfully executed that you won’t care.  Easily my favorite horror film at this year’s Fantastic Fest.

What We Become
Plot:  An entire town gets abruptly placed into quarantine.  Residents then attempt to figure out why.

Thoughts:  I can’t say that What We Become did much for me.  It’s not particularly well shot, and overall I found it to be a bit of a bore due to its flat characters and uninspired story.

Men And Chicken
Plot:  A chronic masturbator and his brother head out in search of their real parents.

Thoughts:  I’m not at all exaggerating when I say that Men And Chicken is one of the weirdest movies I’ve seen in a long time.  I liked it.  You may not.  Actually, I’m guessing most of you probably won’t.  It features a truly bizarre set of happenings, and while I spent a lot of time laughing and joyfully shaking my head in disbelief at what I was watching, it would be thoroughly ridiculous of me to note it as even remotely accessible.  See it only if you’re a little crazy.

Plot:  Four forever friends navigate life together.

Thoughts:  To be honest, Speed was my least favorite film at the fest this year.  I pretty much loathed every single one of its characters, and I could have done without its meandering, hokey story.

Green Room
Plot:  A punk band plays a show for neo-Nazis and then finds themselves in a situation they may never escape from.

Thoughts:  Green Room is from Jeremy Saulnier (director of the excellent Blue Ruin) and it features Patrick Stewart as a neo-Nazi leader.  So, naturally, I went into with rather high expectations.  It surpassed them.  The film is an intense, brutal thrill ride, and it will definitely land in the top half of my year-end film list.

Plot:  A photojournalist on a job in the jungles of Colombia finds herself on the run from a group of rebels.

Thoughts:  I’m a big Zoe Bell fan, so I’m all about her starring in something.  I just wish the “something” had been a film better than Camino.  The movie itself is a pretty average attempt at an action/survival/drama mashup, and Zoe isn’t given much to do other than be a somewhat recognizable face.

Bone Tomahawk
Plot:  A group of men set out to try and retrieve a woman and a deputy who have been kidnapped by a tribe of cannibalistic weirdos.

Thoughts:  Oh man.  Bone Tomahawk is a great film.  It’s brutal, funny, charming, and even after just a single viewing, I have no issue with calling it one of my favorite Westerns of all-time.  I loved seeing Kurt Russell in a truly great role again (I can’t even remember the last time he had one), and I’m fairly certain Richard Jenkins can lay claim to having the most lovable character in any film released this year.  Don’t miss this one.

Man VS Snake
Plot:  This documentary details the efforts of a man trying to get the highest score ever on Nibbler.

Thoughts:  If you’re looking at Man VS Snake and thinking it seems kind of like King Of King: A Fistful Of Quarters, you aren’t wrong.  The two films feature a lot of the same people (sadly no Steve Wiebe though) and carry a real passion for retro gaming.  Personally, I think King of Kong is the far superior movie, but I liked Man VS Snake.  Probably because I’m a sucker for underdog stories.

Lazer Team
Plot:  A spaceship carrying a special suit to be used by Earth’s greatest warrior in an interstellar battle is found by a group of morons.  Shenanigans ensue.

Thoughts:  There are some really funny moments in the goofy sci-comedy that is Lazer Team, but overall I found the film to be pretty flat.  It takes all of the turns you expect it to you, and its “try to make everything a joke” approach becomes a rather tedious affair by the time the third act rolls around.  Still though, if you’re high or really drunk, you might find it entertaining.

Der Bunker
Plot:  A student rents a room from a family that lives in a bunker.  After getting settled, he begins to tutor the child living there.

Thoughts:  My last film of the fest was Der Bunker, and it was a wonderfully weird way to close everything out.  It feature a child who might be a grown man, a leg that has a demon or something that lives in it and talks, bizarre science, oddball humor and so much more.  If you want to sit down and put on your “what is happening?’ face for a while, then Der Bunker is for you.

The Martian
Plot:  An astronaut must survive alone on Mars after accidentally getting left behind.

Thoughts:  At this point you’ve probably already seen The Martian and are totally aware that it’s a fantastic film.  If for some reason you haven’t made time for it, you should.  It’s Ridley Scott’s best movie in a while, and Matt Damon is great in it.  Think of it as the more accessible and fun version of Interstellar.

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October 26, 2015


My plan for a Quickdraw today got smashed by Savages’ new song.  It’s too good to not highlight all on its own.  As is always the case with them, the track is intense and powerful both musically and lyrically (“If you don’t love me/Don’t love anybody”).  Should make for a good way to jolt you out of your Monday slumber.  Enjoy.

:Savages – The Answer:

Adore Life is due out January 22 via Matador.

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Return Of Weird City (Leah)

October 23, 2015


Weird City Hip Hop Fest 2015 as it was originally planned did not come to fruition. The fest suffered some setbacks that unfortunately meant that we had to reorganize and make a new plan.  Since the fest has always been about promoting local artists and bringing together the hip hop community in Austin, we’ve reworked it around an amazing line-up of local acts at Spider House Ballroom.  And as a bonus I’ve made a mix that includes a bunch of them for you to listen to as the fest gears up. Details of the fest are below. It’s an insane value, all the money goes to the artists, and you should come. Get all the info here.

Tonight: 7-10pm
The Battleground Freestyle Battle & Competition
Hosted by Protextor & DJ RecSpect
***Admission to Battleground gets you into the Afrofreque Can I Kick It ATCQ Tribute party featuring JahLeelFahReal, JunioR, and more afterwards for only $5***

Tomorrow: 7pm – 2am
A 3-stage, 30+ act party celebrating the uncanny level of quality, variety, and musical range in Austin’s fastest growing musical scene! Join us the Saturday before Halloween for the biggest #ATXhiphop party of the year!!!
Also featuring the official launch of HypeHop, a new gameified freestyling app for iOS and Android where you can literally trade bars with anyone!

:Crew54 – Gentlemen’s Toast feat. Don Street:
:Scuare – Recursive:
:Protextor – Third Coast Rising feat. Cap N Kirk:
:Hermit Kingdom – That Blackness:
:Magna Carda – Juice:
:KB the BooBonic – Farrah Flossit:
:Space Camp Death Squad – Fuck Sally May:
:Clemits – No Nostalgia:
:No1important – Over the Bridge:
:Afrofreque – Illumination:

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Movie Breakdown: Jem And The Holograms

October 23, 2015

1 Comment

The Impression:

As far as I know, no one anywhere has ever wanted a big screen version of the 80s cartoon Jem And The Holograms.  But here one is.  Jon M. Chu (Step Up 3D, GI Joe: Retaliation) directed it, so maybe it’ll be dumb but fun?

The Reality:

There have been some particularly strange movies released this year, but I think Jem And The Holograms might be the most bizarre of them all.  The film’s main plot is pretty simple - Jerrica (Aubrey Peeples) is a small town girl just trying to find her way after she is suddenly made famous when a video of her singing goes viral – but everything else about it is as scatterbrained and random as can be.  There are a ton of subplots that come and go based on whether or not someone in the film needs something to do or if it’s been too long since a reference to the 80s cartoon has been made, and because of this the movie ends up being a weird one part teen drama, one part music video, one part sci-fi adventure thingy.  So, all around the scenes where the young ladies are being young ladies and dealing with fame and what it entails, there’s also elaborate performance pieces and a quest to find missing parts of a robot.  Huh?!  I’m not exaggerating when I say that few films have baffled me the way that Jems And The Holograms did.

I guess the film has a nice message (be yourself!) and I actually didn’t hate the music in it (aside from one immensely awkward and horribly done number under a pier), but I can’t at all recommend it.  Skip!

The Lesson:

Hey Hollywood, can I get this show adapted next?  Just figured I’d ask since you seem to be open to weird shit.

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October 22, 2015


It seems like it was an eternity ago when I first heard that Shearwater were working on a new album, so it’s nice to finally get some details.  Danny Reisch (he cut their last couple of releases) produced it, and there are contributions from Wye Oak’s Jenn Wasner, local SOTO fav Abram Shook, film composer Brian Reitzell (The Virgin Suicides, Lost In Translation, The Bling Ring) and more.  Plus, the press release noted that it’s the band’s “biggest and loudest record.”  I’m down with that.  The first single awaits you below.  Enjoy.

:Shearwater – Quiet Americans:

Jet Plane And Oxbow is due out January 22 via Sub Pop.  See them at the North Door on February 3.

Bonus Video:

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Show Of The Week

October 21, 2015


Another week, another great FREE show at ABGB.  Get out there this Saturday!  Pop darlings Sweet Spirit, who just put out their very solid debut LP Cokomo, are set to headline the evening.  I really love watching them play.  Also on the bill, the trash poet John Wesley Coleman III, who this week is releasing a new album titled Greatest Hits, and rockers Lowin, who just recently signed to Nine Mile Records and are currently working on new material.  Should be a rad one.  Have fun!

More recommended shows!

Blitzen Trapper, The Domestics at the Parish
Acid King, The Well at The Sidewinder

Spray Paint, Hidden Ritual, Troller, US Weekly at Hotel Vegas
Megafauna, Orange Porridge, The Boxing Lesson, Kay Odyssey, The Cuckoos at Empire Control Room
My Morning Jacket, Fruit Bats at the Austin Music Hall
Passion Pit, DJ Ruckus at ACL Live at the Moody Theater

Jared Zoltar, Rachel Badger, Daniel Francis Doyle at Beerland
Gang of Four, The New Regime at the Parish
Holy Wave, Moving Panoramas, Froth, Dirty Ghosts at Hotel Vegas
Dana Falconberry, Matt the Electrician, Little Brave at the Mohawk
My Morning Jacket, Fruit Bats at the Austin Music Hall
Snoop Dogg at ACL Live at the Moody Theater

Matt Pond PA, Laura Stevenson at The North Door
Lee Bains III & The Glory Fires at the Mohawk
Return of Weird City at the Spiderhouse Ballroom
Lionel Richie, The Suffers at ACL Live at the Moody Theater

Elton John and His Band at Austin360 Amphitheater

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Magna Carda

October 20, 2015


I almost high-fived the whole neighborhood yesterday when I saw that Magna Carda had released a new single.  If you ask me, they’re one of the best acts in all of Austin, and I totally plan on championing them until the end of all days.  I mean it!

Anyhow, on a much less obsessively committed note, Angela Bassett awaits you below.  It’s an all around fantastic track that features some of vocalist Megz Kelli’s finest work.  Enjoy.

:Magna Carda – Angela Bassett:

Catch Magna Carda at Spiderhouse Ballroom this Saturday for the Return of Weird City, or at Empire Control Room on October 28 for their show with Oddisee.

Bonus Videos:

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Quickdraw: Kindling, Wimps, Jeff The Brotherhood, Eternal Summers, Lizzo

October 19, 2015


Music!  Enjoy.

:Kindling – Blinding Wave:  While giving my inbox a deep clean this weekend I “discovered” Kindling and instantly fell in love.  Noisy, reverb-heavy indie rock always gets me.  Galaxies is due out November 6 via No Idea.

:Wimps – Old Guy:  This new Wimps single makes me laugh.  It also kind of makes me cringe because soon I’ll totally be “the old guy at the party tonight.”  Just great, you know?  Suitcase is due out November 13 via Kill Rock Stars.

:Jeff The Brotherhood – Radiating Fiber PlaneJeff The Brotherhood’s major label experiment didn’t go particularly well, but fortunately it doesn’t seem to have affected them much.  This proggy effort is the first single off of their double album, Global Chakra Rhythms, which is due out November 13 via Infinity Cat.

:Eternal Summers – Our Distant Bodies:  A bonus edition of Eternal Summers’ latest LP is about to come out, and this slow burner will be on it.  I think it’s a really pretty track.  The extended version of Gold And Stone is due out October 23.

:Lizzo – Humanize:  I first found out about Lizzo when I saw her do a nice job of opening for Sleater-Kinney back in February.  As you’ll hear when you hit play, she’s got a nice voice and a confident sound.  Big GRRRL Small World is due out December 11 via BGSW Records.

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October 16, 2015


I had planned on doing a Laird’s Library mix today, but instead I’m just delivering the new Chairlift single (mp3 and video await you below).  I’ve been a fan of the band for a long while, but I can’t recall them ever sounding as big and confident as they do in Ch-Ching.  I love it.  Turn it up and have a rad Friday.  Enjoy.

:Chairlift – Ch-Ching:

Moth will be out in 2016 via Columbia.

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