Diet Cig

August 20, 2015


Diet Cig continue to be one of my favorite new things to come out of 2015.  I love the EP, Over Easy, that they released earlier this year, and their new 7″ is also a fantastic listen (new track is below, the other one is here).  Their songs are infectious, and I really dig Alex Luciano’s candid lyrics.  If you haven’t already, join me on their bandwagon.  Enjoy.

:Diet Cig – Dinner Date:

The Sleep Talk/Dinner Date 7″ is due out September 18 via Father/Daughter Records/Art Is Hard.  See the band at the Mohawk on September 16.

Bonus Video:

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  1. James! Says:

    I’ve been loving Diet Cig a whole bunch this year, too! It’s amazing to see how their sound has changed over the course of the year!

    I hadn’t seen that video, but I love it.


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