Happy Metal Fun Time (Chuck)

July 3, 2015


A patriotic month around these parts, people in America love their trans-fats, fireworks, flags and freedom, and add to that a violent metal soundtrack and that is pretty much everything we can be balled up into one magical nutty freedom ball. This month in order to celebrate I wanted to provide you a soundtrack from the oppressors who made all of this possible, the British. Without their over bearing, snooty attitude toward God, we would all be sipping tea instead of guzzling down 900oz of soda every day.  Depending upon where you mark the beginnings of heavy metal, Britain gave birth to the genre and some of the most prolific and interesting music still comes from the Ilses, so in celebration of Freedom, Justice and everything American in July, a nod to the country who without which the USA would be a Spanish colony, Great Britain.

:Architects – Naysayer:
:Viking Skull – The Blackened Sunrise:
:Bullet for My Valentine – Temper Temper:
:Venom – The Death Of Rock N Roll:
:Diamond Head – Am I Evil:
:Electric Wizard – Satanic Rites Of Drugula:
:Tesseract – Nocturne:
:Iron Maiden – Only The Good Die Young:
:Orange Goblin – Acid Trial:
:Judas Priest – Painkiller:
:Napalm Death – Smash a Single Digit:
:Motorhead – Iron Horse-Born To Lose:

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