Laird’s Library: Missing Bands

June 12, 2015


For this month’s stroll through my hard drive I decided to pull 12 bands that seem to have disappeared.  Did they break up?  Are they on hiatus?  Perhaps they’re just busy living their lives?  I dunno.  I’d google each of them, but the recent episode of Silicon Valley (the one partly about Schrodinger’s cat) says I should do otherwise if I want them to keep existing.  So there’s that.  Enjoy.

:Saturday Knights – 45:
:White Rabbits – Percussion Gun:
:Splinters – Dark Shades:
:Pomegranates – Beachcomber:
:Palomar – Bury Me Closer:
:Mason Proper – Lock And Key:
:Headlights – Cherry Tulips:
:Imaad Wasif – Oceanic:
:Kristoffer Ragnstam – Beauty:
:Pelle Carlberg – I Love You, You Imbecile:
:Pas-Cal – You Were Too Old For Me:
:Grand Buffet – Oh My God You’re Weird:

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