Happy Metal Fun Time (Chuck)

April 3, 2015


When I started to look at this month’s mix, I began with the idea of Spring being that time when everyone and thing is thinking about procreating and having nasty sex, but then realized I kind of did that for Valentine’s Day back in February. I mean what would make you hornier than Meat Hook Sodomy, so I decided to do the next best thing. Metal dudes masturbate; I’m not talking about actually touching yourself, but the more existential version.

Whether it is the noodly guitar solo that only they (or other metal dudes) want to hear, or those blast beat thunderstorms that they crave so much, but the prime examples are all of the excellent metal songs about metal. You may not even realize it, but that strident self-love is all over the catalog of metal, songs about being metal, acting metal, the genre of metal, metal militias and metal women. Metal dudes love to talk and say the word metal … masturbation. Metal on metal, black metal, metal metal land, you get the idea. So this month we celebrate that giant circle jerk that metal can be and do songs about metal, or metal in the title or bands with metal in their name or metal metal metal … enjoy!

:3 Inches Of Blood – Metal Woman:
:Viking Skull – Heavy Metal Thunder:
:Anthrax – Metal Thrashing Mad:
:Venom – Black Metal:
:Anvil – Metal On Metal:
:The Crown – Death Metal Holocaust:
:Gwar – Metal Metal Land:
:Sodom – Witching Metal:
:Judas Priest – Metal Meltdown:
:Slayer – Metal Storm-Face The Slayer:
:Metal Church – Metal Church:
:Primal Fear – Metal is Forever:
:Metallica – Metal Militia:
:Pantera – Metal Magic:

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