Happy Metal Fun Time (Chuck)

January 9, 2015


I know it’s a new year, we should be looking ahead and all that, but as my first mix of the 2015 comes only a week in I can’t post a bunch of music that isn’t out yet without a gaggle of lawyers breathing down my neck, and since I resolved to have less litigation against me in 2015 I’m instead having one last look back at some overlooked items of the past year. Every year a bunch of EPs hit the racks and they seem to get missed on the year-end metal lists. Whether it is big bands looking for a vehicle for that one good song that hit the cutting room floor or a grindcore band putting out a doom EP, they offer examples of short bursts of creativity that might not have otherwise seen the light of day.

My favorite out of the bunch last year by far was the band Junius with the Days Of The Fallen Sun EP, as a fan they can do no wrong anyway, but this little spark early in 2014 was forgotten by most but gave me a glimmer of brightness when I had new material from them to jam. Enjoy!

:Junius – Battle In The Sky:
:Black Tusk – Vulture’s Eye:
:Swans – Oxygen (Edit):
:Carcass – Intensive Battery Brooding:
:Pig Destroyer – Red Tar:
:Cloudkicker – Sky Guide:
:Periphery – Feed The Ground:
:Down – We Knew Him Well:
:Myrkur – Nattens Barn:
:Converge – Dark Horse (BBC Live Version):
:Godflesh – Dogbite:

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