Ice Cream (Noah)

November 19, 2014


You expect a certain sound when you hear of a band called Ice Cream. You expect the sound of summer, or maybe you expect bubbly, refreshing pop ‘n’ roll or maybe you just expect it to be a bunch of teenage girls in sparkly pantsuits dancing to a pre-recorded beat. Ice Cream is just about none of these. Yes, on their debut self-titled album, they jig about on the poppier side of rock ‘n’ roll and there’s a little bit of bubble behind everything they do, but this is messy, gritty rock ‘n’ roll pulled smiling from the back-end of the 60s. Even when the sound feels reminiscent of a garage rock version of David Lee Roth (Wild) there’s a little bit of lip curl and broken glass to drag it back to something with a little more attitude. Even more impressive, Ice Cream manages to ride the wave of fuzzed out guitar and dark sunglasses and still inject it with enough good times to make it entirely approachable. You’d be entirely happy to have this blasting out of your 8-track on a sunny day in the park or just as happy to be in a dark urine-smelling basement with these lads throwing it down for a crowd of tattooed audience members. This is the best kind of fun music, that kind that’ll make you shuffle your feet without the fear of looking like a moron.

The band’s EP is available for free over on their Bandcamp page.

:Ice Cream – Wild:

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