Happy Metal Fun Time (Chuck)

November 7, 2014


Last month I wrote about the Housecore Horror Film Festival that took place a couple weeks ago. It was a smash hit, with some excellent acts, and great horror films, but my friend and organizer of the event, Corey Mitchell, died directly after the festival concluded. Shocking to say the least, he was 48 years old, had just finished a great event and while loading out suffered a heart attack and died. Coming to terms with the loss has been difficult the last few weeks, trying to put things in perspective in a scene that deals with death as a focal point should be easy; there has been no shortage of losses through the years in metal.

This month, I wanted to feature music from bands who have lost members and suffered extreme tragedy, some have been able to carry on, others came to an end, but either way as metal fans we help keep their memories alive through stories, albums, photos and paying tribute as often as we can. I have never dealt with death well, I usually just drink and try to forget, so let this serve as a dose of medicine to help me relieve my pain with losing another friend. RIP Corey and to donate to his family go HERE.

:Damageplan – Breathing New Life:
:Woods of Ypres – I Was Buried in Mount Pleasant Cemetary:
:Death – Altering The Future:
:Voivod – Voivod:
:Decapitated – Spheres Of Madness:
:Suicide Silence – No Pity For A Coward:
:Deftones – Around the Fur:
:Static X – Cannibal:
:Dio – Stand Up And Shout:
:Snot – Joy Ride:
:Gwar – Murderers Muse:
:Slayer – Spirit In Black:
:Rigor Mortis – Rain Of Ruin:

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