Hip Hop Hooray (Leah)

October 31, 2014


The great hip-hop holiday of Halloween is upon us! I call it a hip-hop holiday because it has produced some of the most inexplicable novelty tracks of all time, maybe not a greater quantity than Christmas, but certainly far more unnecessary.  Below, I bring you a playlist of Halloween hip-hop sure to bring your spooktacular revelry to the next killer level.


:Froggy Fresh – Halloween:  Forced by the dastardly donut company to change his name from Krispy Kreme, Froggy Fresh hasn’t let that stop him from bringing us the simple-not-simplistic, carefully delivered lines of this All Hallow’s masterpiece.


:Geto Boys – Mind Playing Tricks On Me:
:Ras Kass – Interview With A Vampire:
:Lil Wayne – Mr. Carter (Kevin Schneider Remix):
:RJD2 – The Horror:
:Cousin Fik – I Am A Vampire (Featuring Droop-E):
:Dr. Dre – Murder Ink Instrumental:
:MC Chris – Halloween:
:Bone Thugs N Harmony – Hell Sent:
:Da’Shade Moonbeam – They Are Coming:
:Run DMC – Ghostbusters:
:Aesop Rock – Homemade Mummy:
:Beastie Boys – Eggman:
:FELT – Ghost Dance Deluxe:
:DJ Signify – Costume Kids:
:Binary Star – Wolf Man Jack:
:DJ Jazzy Jeff And The Fresh Prince – Nightmare On My Street:


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