The Number Ones (Dan)

August 6, 2014


In high school we had a buddy we nicknamed #1. It wasn’t because he was at the top of the class or excelled in sports, it was because he didn’t give a shit what others thought. He was looking out for one thing only – himself, a.k.a. #1. So, I had to laugh when a brash group of Dubliner punks dubbed themselves The Number Ones. It captures that classic punk attitude of “Our band is great, we know it, and we don’t give a shit what you think.” Frankly, I can’t blame the guys if they are a bit cocky. On their self-titled debut album they pack ten shining power-pop jams into a taut 19 minutes. It’s an infectious, relatable and emotive listen from start to finish and it’s quickly becoming my album of the summer.

The album was released yesterday on Deranged Records and is available on both iTunes and Spotify.  Below is the first single off the record, Heartsmash, which is an incredibly catchy (if a little bratty) track that perfectly captures young love/lust.

:The Number Ones – Heartsmash:

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